2022-23 Update: Excel - eLearning

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Explore a range of new and improved Excel functions including arrays, LAMBDA functions, the use of linked data and more.
Are you getting the most out of Excel? When you’re using it every day, it’s easy to stick to the same functions and methods, and you can end up missing out on its new developments. Whether you’re new to Excel or have been using it for years, there are always new features to explore to help you make the most of this powerful tool.   

This course takes you through the newest updates in Excel. Explore a range of new and improved functions. What’s more, you’ll be able to put what you’re learning into practice with downloadable spreadsheets in each module.  

Topics include:
•    Tips and tricks
•    New Excel functions
•    Introducing LAMBDA
•    Using external data

Upon satisfactory completion of this activity, you will be able to:

•    Use the latest Excel functions released in 2022 and improve your understanding of arrays.
•    Understand LAMBDA functions and their uses.
•    Use external data in your spreadsheets and understand linked data types.
•    Understand the small user changes including accessibility checks, hiding and unhiding multiple sheets, and conditional formatting.

Be guided through the updates and raft of new developments of the most popular and commonly used spreadsheet tool in the world, Excel. You will put what you're learning into practise and improve your day-to-day efficiency.
Self-paced eLearning 
Author – Samuel Ellis

Samuel Ellis is a chartered accountant with experience working in private accounting firms and a number of high growth businesses. He has spent the past six years working as Head of Finance for InterWorks, a global specialist data consulting practice. Sam was the founding Chair of the ACCA's Global Technology Forum and currently Chair of ACCA's Member Advisory Committee and a member of the ACCA's International Assembly.


Topic: Business Mindset

Sub-Topic: Information & Communication Technology

Format: eLearning

Proficiency Level: Intermediate, Advanced

CPD: Upto 4 hours