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AU Mid Career Package 2019

This Package is available for registration as webinar recordings only. This package is worth 17 CPD hours. You will receive all webinar recordings within 1 business day of your purchase. For further information please see below or click the register now button to register.

The series and sessions in this package have been bundled for those professionals who are at the mid stage of their career and looking towards management positions.


Recorded Webinars Included In This Package:

PEAK Leadership – Develop your Managerial Skills (available as of 3 June 2019):

People are the bedrock of successful companies. People are also complex and no one managerial style suits all. If you want to be successful in managing people, you will need to develop a range of skills that are people focused.

This webinar series is designed to provide accountants at all levels with a range of proven techniques and frameworks to help them manage the working relationship they have with their team. The topics covered by Sean include planning and scheduling your day, dealing with conflict situations, developing a strategic mindset within your team and finally, managing change. Underpinning this webinar series are a number of practical frameworks, including the PEAK Leadership model which teaches you how to set aside 'team time' to move from managing the team to leading the team; a three-step approach to help you manage conflict situations, a structured approach for managing change within your team and a process to involve the team when writing the business plan which promotes strategic thinking.

This Webinar is Presented by Sean McLoughney.

Critical Skills for Strategic Forecasting & Budgeting Success:

Acquire a new set of critical skills in order to achieve budgeting success for your organisation. Today’s business landscape is dynamic and being significantly disrupted. Finance professionals need to meet this challenge by playing a much more strategic role in driving the performance of their organisation through implementing innovative budgeting and forecasting methods. Budgeting is no longer an arithmetical spreadsheet coordinated by the finance function. Rather it is a data led dynamic exercise involving identifying key cost drivers, underlying revenue and expense lines and the impact on strategic performance.

Systems thinking, scenario based strategy series:

Become a future ready finance professional by developing your uncommon yet critical sense in this webinar series. Learn about systems thinking and scenario based strategies, and the fundamentals of how to apply this to your role as a finance professional. You know the future is unpredictable, yet too commonly as accountants and finance professionals, we continue to use tools and techniques that seek to provide certainty and comfort with the future. The pressure to be ‘right’ can limit us and the contribution we can make to our organisations. Join this webinar series and add to your skill base by developing the creative and visionary skills to fit with the future more effectively.

Please contact elearning@charteredaccountantsanz.com if you require any further information about any of the topics included in this series.


Topic: Business Mindset, Future Focused

Sub-Topic: Building Knowledge, Future of Business

Format: Recorded Webinar

Proficiency Level: Intermediate

CPD: 17 hours