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AU Personal Effectiveness Package

This Package is available for registration as webinar recordings only. This package is worth 13 CPD hours. You will receive all webinar recordings within 1 business day of your purchase. For further information please see below or click the register now button to register.

The series and sessions in this package have been bundled for those professionals who are looking to develop their personal brand and the way they operate.


Recorded Webinars Included In This Package:

Systems Thinking, Scenario based thinking series:

Become a future ready finance professional by developing your uncommon yet critical sense in this webinar series. Learn about systems thinking and scenario based strategies, and the fundamentals of how to apply this to your role as a finance professional. You know the future is unpredictable, yet too commonly as accountants and finance professionals, we continue to use tools and techniques that seek to provide certainty and comfort with the future. The pressure to be ‘right’ can limit us and the contribution we can make to our organisations. Join this webinar series and add to your skill base by developing the creative and visionary skills to fit with the future more effectively.

Change your mindset by learning about systems thinking and scenario based strategy as you work through the following topics:

  • Benefits and foundations of systems thinking and scenario based strategy
  • Problems with prediction and other traditional forecasting and planning tools, and the influence of this on accounting & finance professionals
  • Systems thinking and its practice in both organization (World of Work) and family life (World of Family)
  • How complex systems operate and discover systems structures
  • Go behind visible events and how they influence behaviour
  • Practical application through work based assignments so you can develop your ability to take skills and knowledge back to the workplace
  • 0pportunities for the finance professional applying this worldview.

Planning and Prioritising your time:

Getting the right things done consistently, will improve the quality of your results. After this recorded webinar you will be able to plan and schedule your priorities, deal with unexpected tasks without negatively effecting your original plan for the day, stay ahead of deadlines to reduce stress levels and increase your output and identify who steals most of your time.

Time management is a core business management skill. A myth around time management is that we can in fact 'manage time' - we can't. We can, however, manage ourselves and our own behaviour. Everyday business skills will be used during this webinar including focusing on priority tasks, staying ahead of deadlines and reducing interruptions and other time wasting activities, to help you plan your day to achieve your business goals.

Diversity and Inclusion eConference:

In the current climate of constant disruption every organisation needs to be thinking about the way in which their leadership team can better equip their organisation for the future of work. Developing and implementing a Diversity and Inclusion strategy is vital to ensuring sustainable business success.

Employers who fail to proactively offer practices to promote full participation are missing out on a rich untapped labour pool. Employing a more diverse staff allows businesses to be more attuned to the needs of a diverse community, enabling you to reach a wider market and attract a broader talent pool with new skills and perspectives. Achieving diversity of thought and diversity of skills is increasingly becoming critical to securing a competitive edge in business and delivering innovative solutions.

This econference series is relevant to senior level, decision makers responsible for drafting policies and taking ideas to their organisations as well as middle management and emerging leaders. The content is designed to bring together a blend of managers, senior executives and those working at the coal face to better understand how they can operationalise a diverse and inclusive work environment.

Please contact elearning@charteredaccountantsanz.com if you require any further information about any of the topics included in this series.


Topic: Ethics & Integrity, People & Leadership

Sub-Topic: Ethics, Future of Business, Operational Excellence, Personal Effectiveness, Solve Problems

Format: Recorded Webinar

Proficiency Level: Foundation, Intermediate, Advanced

CPD: Upto 13 hours