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Accountant's Update Programme 2023 (International)

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Everything you need to keep yourself informed and up to date and complete your 2023 CPD throughout the year.

In a global economy still suffering the after-effects of COVID and coping with the impact of the war in Ukraine, businesses need the confident and assured advice of their finance professionals more than ever. 

Understanding the economic and business environment and staying up to date on regulatory changes, will ensure you retain your status as your colleagues’ trusted advisor.

The Accountant's Update Programme 2023 will keep you on the front foot on all the latest regulatory developments, it will keep you up to date with digital innovation and change, and it will help you to develop the practical and leadership skills you need to succeed in the future.
Programme features:
•    22 verifiable CPD hours across the year
•    New content every month from February until December
•    Audit-proof CPD certificate
•    News briefings for accountants
•    Fits around your busy schedule
•    Facilitator to keep you on track

Technical updates in
•    IFRS: Post-implementation reviews – IFRSs 10, 11 and 12
•    IFRS: Sustainability standards update
•    IFRS: Impairment of goodwill model
•    IFRS for SMEs
•    International tax
•    Audit update
•    Risk and materiality
•    Corporate governance

Professional updates in
•    Digitisation of the firm
•    Agile accounting
•    Making monthly reports worth reading
•    Accounting for a better world
•    Excel skills
•    M&A to drive growth
•    M&A due diligence
•    Project financial management
•    Professional credibility
•    Global trends
•    Developing CFO behaviours

Quick updates in
News and commentary on events in and around the profession as they happen.

Complete all your 2023 CPD throughout the year, and keep yourself informed, up to date and confident in your role.
Self-spaced learning


Topic: Audit & Assurance, Business Mindset, People & Leadership, Reporting, Tax

Sub-Topic: Finance Management, Financial Reporting, Information & Communication Technology, International Tax

Format: eLearning

Proficiency Level: Intermediate, Advanced

CPD: Upto 22 hours