Accounting tech trends package for modern professionals

The latest technology and innovation trends dominating the accounting industry in 2023.


Technology has disrupted traditional business models as we know it, and part of being amodern accounting professional is keeping up with developments in technology, AI and automation. 

This package will help you keep pacewith the latest changes in data analytics as well asother technology and innovations that aretransforming the finance function and businesses. 


Learning outcomes:  

  • Recognise major trends in digital technologies and data analytics within the accounting industry. 
  • Discover how to combine operational and financial data to solve business challenges and speed up decision-making. 
  • Explore how to use AI to reduce workload pressure and increase capacity. 
  • Understand your cyber risks and how to mitigate them. 
  • Learn how to leverage digital marketing to grow business and support for your cause online. 
  • Explore how advanced use of AI and automation increases efficiency and improves financial reporting accuracy.  


Courses included

  • Cyber risk insight & risk mitigation (A&A Conference 2023) 
  • Top cybersecurity threats and risks in ANZ (A&A Conference 2023) 
  • Advanced use of AI and automation in accounting (A&A Conference 2023) 
  • How to activate your community using digital marketing (A&A Conference 2023) 
  • How to use ChatGPT to reduce workload pressure and increase capacity (A&A Conference 2023) 
  • General and Cyber Insurance Update (A&A Conference 2023) 
  • The future of analytics and financial reporting (A&A Conference 2023) 



This bespoke package equips you with a comprehensive understanding of technology trends in the accounting industry and their application to transform your business. 



Topic: Future Focused, People & Leadership

Sub-Topic: Business Planning & Analysis, Finance Management, Financial Planning & Advisory, Future of Business

Format: Recorded Webinar

Proficiency Level: All

CPD: Upto 7 hours