Analysing Financial Performance with Integrated Ratio Analysis

This webinar introduces the deficiencies of commonly utilised financial performance metrics and explains a new system that may overcome these issues. This system provides valuable insight into the quality of performance and is simple to understand and use in analytical, planning and budgeting applications.
Content Description

Every accountant will be required to analyse and report on the financial performance of organisations. Although traditional techniques can quantify financial results, they do not easily or adequately, convey the quality of the performance. 

Whether an external advisor to a business, or an internal member of the finance team, you can utilise Integrated Ratio Analysis to instantly measure the quality of financial performance and provide real insight that can help to focus decisions in budgeting and future-scenario planning.

Learning outcomes

On successful completion of this activity, participants should be able to:

Understand the limitations of current techniques;
Gain insights into the past and current financial performance of organisations or programs;
Learn about how a new system may overcome these issues and can aid budgeting, future scenario planning and assist the generation of Business and Competitive Intelligence.


Using the knowledge from this webinar, you will understand the deficiencies of commonly utilised financial performance metrics and learn a new system that overcomes these issues. This will enable you to add real value and possibly generate new revenue streams.
Nic La Rosa, PhD, CA, CPA, draws on over 30 years of industry experience managing complex organisational budgets and leading strategic planning, performance analysis and change management. Commencing in Chartered Accounting, Nic has also held various executive financial and management roles in Tertiary, Private and Not-for-Profit sectors. This includes roles such as CFO, Manager of Financial Performance Analysis, Financial Accounting and Manager of Finance and Resources. With a PhD in Economics, he has presented on his research at conferences and symposiums in Australia and USA.


Topic: Reporting

Sub-Topic: Business Reporting, Finance Management, Financial Modelling, Solve Problems

Format: Recorded Webinar

Proficiency Level: Intermediate

CPD: Upto 1 hours