Audit Evidence

Have your say on the future of audit evidence. The IAASB is undertaking outreach activities to gain a better understanding of the extent and impact of issues related to audit evidence and how the issues may be addressed by the IAASB in their upcoming audit evidence project.


Obtaining sufficient appropriate audit evidence is one of the foundations of an audit.

ASA/ISA (NZ) 500 Audit Evidence deals with the auditor’s responsibilities to design and perform audit procedures to obtain sufficient appropriate audit evidence to be able to draw reasonable conclusions on which to base the audit opinion.

The standard was issued 10 years ago, and since then the world has evolved with rapid changes in technology and the types of information sources used by auditors. Recognising these changes, the IAASB has an active project on this topic and is looking for stakeholders to identify the key issues with the current standard and what can be done to address them.

Learning Outcomes

On successful completion of this activity, participants should be able to:

  • Understand the issues already identified.
  • Communicate which of the issues are creating the most difficulties in practice (and the reasons for this).
  • Share whether there are any other issues creating difficulties in practice that have not been identified.
  • Contribute ideas/actions for how such issues may be best addressed from a standard-setter perspective.
  • Benefits

    You will:

  • Become familiar with the IAASB’s project on audit evidence and inform its future direction.
  • Get the opportunity to provide feedback on practical challenges with the auditing standard and influence the development of recommended actions.


    Topic: Audit & Assurance

    Sub-Topic: Financial Statement Audit

    Format: Recorded Webinar

    Proficiency Level: Intermediate

    CPD: Upto 1 hours