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Building your firm’s winning game plan - Strategy Masterclass Series for Accounting leaders

Plan, Execute, Win! | Building your firm’s winning game plan - Strategy Masterclass Series for Accounting leaders

As a business owner of an accounting firm, navigating the ever-changing post-COVID environment requires strategic thinking and clear action to maximize your results. This 4-part strategy masterclass is designed for accounting leaders, to equip you with skills and knowledge to build an action-oriented strategy unique to their firm, which will enable you to address the challenges and opportunities for the modern-day accounting firm whilst taking practical steps towards the desired future state you envision – for you and the firm.


Led by John Schol FCA, a well-respected expert in the public practice landscape having coached many accounting firms across Australia and New Zealand establish a solid foundation for growth, this program uses real world insights based on today’s accounting landscape and you can expect it to challenge your thinking and reimagine what the future of your firm could look like and help you design a winning game plan that aligns your long-term goals into short-term bite sized actions.


The Key learning outcomes for this program include:


  • Understand the role of strategy in defining what future success could look like for you firm -  in the short, medium and long term.
  • Build the capability to apply strategic thinking to your business and create a smarter business model based on industry benchmarks, trends and insights.
  • Use your vision, purpose and values to build a high performance workplace culture and strengthen your foundations for growth.
  • Learn about the key drivers of profit and gain the ability to manage the critical variables of an accounting business to measure and achieve growth.
  • Convert the strategy into execution by focussing on goals that matter and be able to break it down into bite sized pieces that will influence, energise and generate persistence and accountability within your team.


To learn about the program further, please see the agenda on the next tab.

Session 1: The Firm of the Future: The Role of Strategy 

In today's rapidly changing business landscape, strategy is essential for anticipating future success. This webinar explores how to use strategic thinking to stay relevant in the short, medium, and long term. By attending, you will gain a better understanding of strategic thinking, learn how to apply it to your business, stay up-to-date with industry insights, bring your team on board, and create a smarter, better business model.


Session 2: Vision, Purpose, and Values: Your Culture Card 

Vision, purpose, and values are the foundation of a strong workplace culture. This webinar will teach you how to develop them to maximize your results. You will learn how to create a strong workplace culture, work towards realizing your vision statement, engage your team, customers, and prospects by articulating your 'why', make better decisions by utilizing your core values, and drive your business's culture to maximize your results.


Session 3: Know Your Numbers: Let's Get Profitable 

Small and medium-sized business owners are under pressure due to the rising costs of doing business, expectation gaps in wage demands, and time constraints. This webinar will help you understand the critical drivers of an accounting business, measure and manage the variables that matter, and appreciate the benefits of an internal price guide. By attending, you will learn how to measure the success of your financial results, understand the key drivers of profit, differentiate between value-based fees and time and cost billing, and understand the benefits of productized services.


Session 4: Turning Intention into Action: Goal Setting and Accountability 

Setting goals is essential for bringing action to your intentions. This webinar will teach you how to use SMART goals to direct your attention and effort towards goal-based activities, influence and energize your team to consistently work towards planned outcomes, harness the power of accountability, and break large goals into manageable bite-sized pieces. By attending, you will be able to shift your attention away from less relevant non-goal-based activities and achieve your planned results.

John is the CEO of South Island CA firm Malloch McClean and through his methodology, the firm has been recognised nationally winning the prestigious ‘Xero Large Partner of the Year’. The firm was also recognised in the New Zealand’s Sunday Star-Times CAANZ Top 30 Accounting Firms two years running. John holds a Certificate of Public Practice, a Master of Business Administration (MBA) and is a Chartered Member of the Institute of Directors. He is a professional director at several large local government companies and chairs their audit and risk committee. Other governance roles include leading a local social enterprise company as well as several other private organisations and serves within the Southern Institute of Technology's Business Consultative Group.

John is passionate about CA ANZ differentiating and enhancing its brand and value to members. His vision is to ensure members remain at the forefront of business through leadership, member networking and the uptake of technology. Apart from regularly mentoring and coaching like-minded accounting firms, his work within the industry has included presenting at webinars, facilitating workshops, speaking at conferences and has hosted two seasons of the CA Catalyst podcast series Small Firm Big Impact.

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Topic: Business Mindset, Future Focused, People & Leadership

Sub-Topic: Business Planning & Analysis, Future of Business, Leadership, Member Event, Operational Excellence, Strategy

Format: Recorded Webinar

Proficiency Level: All

CPD: Upto 4 hours