Business Model Innovation for Finance


This workshop focuses on driving innovation in Business Models and new business opportunities through “Innovation by Restriction”.

The workshop breaks down innovation into a very practical, and user-friendly process. Participants in the workshop will be exposed to the principles from innovation case studies and theories, then apply them using several practical tools to take back to your organisations and finance roles.

You will gain a practical understanding of innovation thinking and learn a process that you can take back to your firms to deploy.

You will gain valuable insight into not only what innovation is in a practical sense, but how the process of innovation can be replicated by a finance professional in any team or corporate environment.

Key Learning Areas:

  • Introduction to the principle of innovation by restriction, and entrepreneurship.
  • Understand and apply the process of innovation through:
    • Business model mapping;
    • Defining questions designed to stimulate disruptive thought patterns;
    • Ideation and creativity exercises;
    • The principles of flaring and focus thinking; and
    • New business pitching.
    • Understanding how teams can be effectively deployed to drive innovation, including:
      • Distinguishing between what tasks should be done by individuals versus what tasks should be done by teams to drive effective group collaboration;
      • Understanding core principles of facilitation, including team set up, creative environments, pace and timing.
    Upon satisfactory completion of this workshop you will be able to:
    • Effectively draw up a business model in a page.
    • Understand how disruptive questions are designed and deployed to trigger innovative thinking.
    • Understand core principles of design-thinking and the lean start-up process.
    • Apply an innovation process to any given problem or opportunity the business faces.
    • Lead a team through an innovation process effectively.
    • Understand and apply core facilitation techniques such as pacing, team set up, and ideation culture and environment.
    Clary Castrission OAM

    Clary Castrission is a proven proven entrepreneur, speaker, post-graduate lecturer and consultant in the themes of innovation and entrepreneurship. 

    As an entrepreneur he grew an education technology business (social enterprise) from scratch over a decade before successfully transitioning out of the business onto the board. The business is now operational in three countries and won a global innovation competition run by MIT, as well as the 2016 Google Impact Challenge, the Australian Government’s Indo-Pacific Development Award, the Australian Social Enterprise Award for Innovation. 

    As a speaker, he has spoken on the topic of “innovation by restriction” at TEDx, the United Nations and more recently on a national roadshow for the Chartered Accountants Institute. 

    Clary teaches the principles of innovation and entrepreneurship for MBAs at UNSW and Sydney University through a mixture of workshop and immersion courses. Clary has consulted to a range of corporate and non-profit clients on the themes of innovation, creating shared value, and business model design.

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    Topic: Business Mindset, Corporate Finance, People & Leadership

    Sub-Topic: Business Planning & Analysis, Finance Management, Leadership, Solve Problems, Strategy

    Format: Workshop

    Proficiency Level: Intermediate

    CPD: Upto 6.5 hours