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Career Progression Pathway: Finance Business Partner- eLearning

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This Career Progression Pathway addresses the key skills you will need to develop to become an effective Finance Business Partner. Complete all sections to unlock the end of pathway assessment and access your Certificate of Achievement.

Today, the expectations on finance professionals are higher than ever. This pathway will teach you what it means to be a successful Finance Business Partner, and how to achieve this goal. Learn how to become a person of influence and a trusted advisor within your organisation or for your clients and see the benefits of employing a holistic approach to the finance function. You will discover how to improve your strategic awareness and reporting, as well as new approaches to take when making decisions. 

The course includes:
Finance business partnering – what is the role of Finance Business Partner - what it involves, and why the relationships you build are so crucial to your success.
1. The FBP role
2. Importance of communication
3. Improving communication
4. Building relationships

Influence – how to become the go-to person for advice, how you can work alongside a variety of stakeholders to offer a mix of expertise and support, get your voice heard, and be able to meet in the middle when it's required.
5. Persuading people
6. Negotiation

Professional credibility – develop the key skills you will need to develop your professional credibility and demonstrate that you are able to see beyond a traditional accounting perspective and think in more holistic business management terms. 
7. Business acumen
8. Professional scepticism
9. Ethics
10. Corporate principles
Strategic awareness - strategic opportunities - and potential threats - are all around us, but to be successful you need to spot the signs and act accordingly. Learn how to combine your technical expertise with an ability to look to the future and plan the best course of action in uncertain times.
11. Looking to the future
12. Strategic thinking
13. Alignment
Management reporting - how to best reflect the key performance indicators of your business in your management reports. Learn how to ensure your reporting is linked to the wider strategy and are more meaningful and valuable to non-finance people.
14. Improving reporting
15. KPIs
Decision making - how to extract value from your data to support innovation and continual improvement, spot potential cost savings and efficiencies, and identify potential blind spots or anomalies for investigation.
16. Data analysis
17. Data-driven decisions
18. Problem solving

Adding value - bring together everything you have learned to become a leader, strategist, specialist, technologist, and trusted advisor. Think about how to better understand your organisation's aims and value proposition, so that you can measure your success against them.
19. Understanding value
20. Measuring performance

Learning Outcomes 
Upon satisfactory completion of this activity, you will be able to:

•    Understand the role of the finance business partner.
•    Understand how to apply the skills of persuasion and negotiation.
•    Apply holistic business management terminology and skills.
•    Employ strategic thinking skills.
•    Produce meaningful and valuable management reports.
•    Apply problem solving and critical thinking skills when making data- driven decisions.

The role of Finance Business Partner requires a challenging combination of business acumen, insight and emotional intelligence. This pathway will help you to develop those skills and become a trusted advisor to your colleagues and clients.
Self-paced eLearning 
Sean Purcell
Sean Purcell (BA ACMA CGMA) has been involved in the training and development of finance staff for over 20 years. He has worked extensively with both CIMA and ACCA, designing and delivering both CPD and management development programmes for them, and has delivered over 200 courses in Singapore, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Dubai, Sri Lanka, Zambia and Croatia. Sean is a Visiting Executive Professor at the London School of Commerce, an award-winning trainer of finance staff and an acknowledged expert on the role of Business Finance Partner.

Once you have completed all the elements of the pathway, you can take the assessment to access your Certificate of Achievement.


Topic: Corporate Finance, People & Leadership

Sub-Topic: Business Planning & Analysis, Business Reporting, Personal Effectiveness

Format: eLearning

Proficiency Level: Intermediate

CPD: Upto 21 hours