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Compliance to Commercial Series

This three part recorded webinar series will provide recently qualified CAs who are looking to apply their technical skills further in a commercial environment and are trying to gain credibility and influence within their organisation.


Content Description:

The accounting profession is in the middle of a significant change. No longer are accountants considered “number crunchers” who offer compliance services as their key functional role. Gone are the days of tax returns and statutory accounts, as these key functions become commoditised and get outsourced to shared services departments overseas and potentially become part of the rise of Artificial Intelligence. Now, more than ever, CAs are becoming a key resource to guide and influence an organisation. The individual trusted to assist with decision making, provide strategic guidance and insight into the direction of the organisation. In order to do this, recently qualified accountants need to build on their technical skills and get up to speed quickly with the nuances of an organisation. How do you effectively apply your technical knowledge? What behaviours are needed to manage team members, non finance individuals, and senior stakeholders? All the while staying true to the values of the Accounting Profession. Our 3 part live webinar series will provide you with a robust framework to becoming a trusted Finance Business Partner in any organisation.

In this series, Andrew Jepson will:

  • Describe the role of a Finance Business Partner within an organisation and how this differs from an accountant
  • Define how credibility can create influence in an organisation
  • Explain the five step QUIET approach and how to utilise it as a Finance Business Partner
  • Develop simple frameworks, tools and techniques to assist within business partnering other functions
  • Develop the key skills and behaviours required to lead high performance finance teams
  • Develop the skills to speak Finance to Non-Finance professionals
  • Explain the importance of Trust in your relationships with other staff.

Learning Outcomes:

Upon satisfactory completion of this webinar series you will be able to:

    Part 1 – Q is for Quality:

  • Introducing the QUIET approach to Finance Business Partnering, the importance of language in your organisation and how to manage perfectionism.
  • The Accountant's Paradigm; the difference between accounting and Finance Business Partnering.

  • Part 2 – U is for Understanding and I is for Insights:

  • Your role as a Finance Business Partner.
  • Techniques to build understanding of your organisation.
  • Data visualisation and simple techniques to present Insight, alongside Ambiguity and Complexity; getting comfortable with it.

  • Part 3 – E is for Ethos & Mindset and T is for Trust:

  • The 6 principles to strong Finance Business Partnering.
  • The Trust Equation and how to increase it.
  • Introducing the 'A' Frame Behavioural model.


Learn to diagnose and identify areas of strength and opportunity using the QUIET approach. You will leave with an understanding and ability to implement a language that supports strong Finance Business Partnering. You will also be able to identify areas of strengths and weaknesses and techniques to improve these areas.


Topic: People & Leadership

Sub-Topic: Leadership, Operational Excellence, Personal Effectiveness, Solve Problems, Strategies for Success

Format: Recorded Webinar

Proficiency Level: Foundation, Intermediate

CPD: Upto 3 hours