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Corporate Tax Topics 2018: Full Series

Join our expert tax trainers as they discuss key corporate tax topics fundamental to business. Each corporate tax session provides an in-depth examination of a topic, combined with realistic client scenarios that demonstrate the topic’s key aspects.

Content Description

Targeting practitioners with clients in the larger end of town, these Corporate Tax Topics provide an in-depth examination of a topic, combined with realistic client scenarios that demonstrate the topic's key issues. This format will help you obtain a theoretical and a practical understanding of the topic.

Learning Outcomes

Upon satisfactory completion of each webinars you will be able to:

  • Stay ahead of key legislative and regulatory changes and announcements to provide
  • Gain the knowledge you need while minimising your time out of the office
  • Ensure you are up-to-date on the latest tax changes.


These concise 1.5 hour corporate tax sessions have been specifically designed for our online education platform, to ensure maximum impact in minimal time.

Session Information

Tax Treaties - Permanent Establishments and Residency

This topic navigates the OECD Model Tax Convention and discusses:

  • Treaty Interpretation and Interaction with domestic law
  • What is a ‘resident’ for treaty purposes? When is it considered?
  • Deadlock or tie-breaker provisions.
  • What is a PE? What purpose do they serve?
  • What is a PE within a DTA?
  • Analysis of recent cases and ATO rulings

Thin Capitalisation

This session will cover the following issues:

  • Purpose of Thin Cap Rules
  • Overview of the Thin Cap Rules
  • Old v New – Recent Changes
  • Safe Harbour and De Minimis
  • Interaction with Anti Avoidance Laws (e.g. Transfer Pricing)

  • Transfer Pricing

    This session will cover the following issues:

    • What is “Transfer Pricing”?
    • Determine and applying arm's-length conditions
    • Old v New – Recent Changes
    • Overview of “BEPS”
    • Illustrative Examples of ATO’s ‘Commerciality Tests’

    Company Losses

    This session will explore the key provisions in relation to utilisation of company losses, including:

    • The Continuity of Ownership (COT) and Same Business Test (SBT)
    • Converting excess franking credits into tax losses
    • Concessional tracing rules under Division 166 of the Income Tax Assessment Act 1997
    • Common errors when utilising tax losses and ATO target areas
    • Losses in tax consolidated groups

    Employee Share Schemes

    Attendees will navigate the Employee Share Scheme (ESS) provisions comprehensively, including:

    • Overview of ESS concepts, operation and benefits
    • Taxation – discount, deferral and taxing point
    • Special ESS rules for ‘Small Start-ups’
    • Valuation issues
    • Tax implications for the employer
    • Consideration of related issues (e.g. contracts)
    • Documentation and Income Tax Return disclosures.

    GST- Imports, Exports and Currency

    This session will cover key issues that arise with respect to imports, exports and currency in the GST space, including:

    • GST-free exports by travellers
    • Export of services
    • Claiming input-tax credits (ITC) on imports
    • Treatment of online low-value imports under the agreed format
    • Treatment of importations of intangible supplies proposed in the 2015 Federal Budget
    • Importation and associated timing issues
    • Deferral scheme
    • Export documentation

    Bruce Thomas, Bruce is currently a Senior Tax Trainer with the Institute of Chartered Accountants Australia, with over 25 years experience in tax.

    He has written and presented training on a wide variety of tax topics for in-house clients and for public sessions conducted by the Institute.

    Previously a tax manager with William Buck Chartered Accountants in Sydney, he provided advice to clients on the application of the Fringe Benefits Tax, GST and other taxes.

    James McPhedran is a Senior Tax & Superannuation Trainer with Chartered Accountants Australia New Zealand. James has 14 years experience in tax and superannuation with 8 years experience in the Self Managed Superannuation Fund industry. Prior to his role at Chartered Accountants ANZ, James worked in a tax and superannuation advisory role with Hayes Knight in Sydney.

    James' extensive experience branches across a wide range of industries from mining and energy, to entertainment and professional tax bodies. He has acquired advanced knowledge in tax and superannuation through his work in a variety of tax advisory roles, from international acquisitions and business structuring, to individual and small business taxation matters.


    Topic: Tax

    Sub-Topic: Business Tax, Employment Taxes - PAYE, PAYG & FBT, GST, Income Tax, International Tax, State/Territory Taxes, Tax Administration

    Format: Recorded Webinar

    Proficiency Level: Intermediate, Advanced

    CPD: 9 hours