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Creating Intelligent Dashboard Reports

A self-paced recorded webinar series, where you learn how to design smart dashboards that meet your users’ needs and build them quickly in Excel to provide real insights into your business quickly and efficiently.

Content Description

Smart use of data analytics combined with a well-designed dashboard provides valuable insights and allows you to be a more effective business partner.

Over the course of this recorded webinar series:

  • Examine what a successful dashboard looks like in Excel
  • Learn the tools to build an effective dashboard quickly in Excel, enabling users to instantly drill down into the information they need.
  • Learn how to deliver powerful insights from your business data based on a methodology found in high-end BI tools.
  • Incorporate Key Performance Indicators in your dashboard.
  • Understanding dashboard roadmaps and why dashboards fail.

Learning Outcomes

Upon satisfactory completion of this webinar you will be able to:

Part 1 – Introduction to a Simple Excel Dashboard

Topics covered include:

  • Introduction
  • Our sample data
  • How to create and excel dashboard
  • Pivot tables and dirty data
  • Finding dirty data using calculations
  • Dashboards and data cubes
  • Creating your first pivot tables
  • Pivot table for a simple dashboard
  • Creating a pivot chart from the pivot table
  • Adding slicers to the pivot chart
  • Formatting the pivot chart
  • Analysing the data in a simple dashboard

Part 2 – Creating an advanced excel dashboard

Topics covered include:

  • Creating a pivot table for an advanced dashboard
  • Understanding the GETPIVOTDATA function
  • Summary table with a single pivot table
  • Summary table with many pivot tables
  • Using the pivot summary table
  • Cleaning up the pivot summary table
  • Adding key performance indicators
  • Creating a dashboard from a summary pivot table
  • Inserting charts to the dashboard
  • Adding slicers to the dashboard
  • Applying filters and tolerances to the dashboard
  • Creating a menu bar and formatting
  • Reviewing and modifying the dashboard
  • Adding a trend line (forecast) to the dashboard chart
  • Reviewing and modifying the dashboard

Part 3 – Roadmap to Dashboard Success

Topics covered include:

  • Introduction to dashboards
  • Dashboards, now and in the future
  • Data analytics, business intelligence and dashboards
  • Dashboard storyboards and process maps
  • 10 step business intelligence and dashboard roadmap
  • Mapping dashboards for your organisations


Become a more effective business partner by designing and building dashboards that provide the right information, at the right time, and in the right way to meet your business needs.

Luke Rochester, is a management consultant specialising in business intelligence with qualifications in engineering, psychology and both relational and multidimensional databases. He has created dashboards for a wide range of managers and executives ranging from small business owners to directors of Fortune 500 companies. He has the unique ability of being able to combine his skills and experience in psychology, engineering and computer programming to help create dashboards that promote a performance-based business culture, rather than one of time and attendance.


Topic: Business Mindset, Reporting

Sub-Topic: Business Reporting, Solve Problems

Format: Recorded Webinar

Proficiency Level: Intermediate, Advanced

CPD: 3 hours