Data Analytics for Finance

The Data Analytics for Finance conference will see CFOs, Finance Directors, Managers and Data Analysts explore a new world of data analytics and gain an insight into the power of information through data. Discover how this information can be leveraged by organisations to deliver optimum results, maximise business values and create an opportunity for growth for a business.


Session One

Innovate with Big Data Analytics and Artificial Intelligence

The market is going through explosive data growth, doubling every 2 years. However, many organisations struggle with leveraging the real power of this data to make business critical decisions, relying instead on legacy systems and processes.

The use of Big Data Analytics and AI to both accelerate and innovate is sometimes seen as a daunting task and even futuristic. With the Industry 4.0 engine revving at full throttle, it’s now possible for organisations of all sizes to democratise this data. This session runs through the journey that global organisations need to follow to leverage data as a key asset, innovate and stay relevant.

Session Two

Transforming finance through data analytics and digital technologies

Finance is transforming with the growth of Big Data, predictive analytics and AI-driven content. The data landscape in today’s connected world has some key implications for finance, as trusted business advisors.

It is imperative that CFOs keep abreast of data analytics & digital technology trends, as 2019 is only likely to see an acceleration of this change.

This session unpacks the important data trends and insights, including how Microsoft NZ have led their own finance transformation journey. Learn what finance needs to do to make sense of, stay relevant and capitalise on emerging Big Data opportunities.

Session Three

Applying algorithmic analytics to forecasting in a digital world

Forecasting has traditionally been a manual process of gathering, compiling and manipulating data in spreadsheets. Many people also apply their own intuition and judgement, which often results in unconscious biases and conscious sandbagging. With more data available than ever, old forecasting methods are becoming a time-consuming process.

This session covers examples of how organisations are shifting to forecasting processes that involve people working symbiotically with data-fuelled, predictive algorithms. It’s all made possible by new technologies—advanced analytics platforms, in-memory computing, AI and machine learning. By modelling the potential impact of key decisions, Finance can now generate smarter insights and stronger business outcomes.

Session Four

Connecting your data strategy and pipeline to business outcomes

No matter how much ‘big data’ your organisation acquires, and no matter how good your data pipeline is, the outcome will only be as good as the problem that your organisation is trying to solve.

Take this opportunity learn from the Data Scientist. How can finance work coherently with the technical experts to understand data science and solve key business problems? Explore why a data strategy is critical for every organisation, and how finance can maximise opportunities to benefit from your organisation’s data lake and pipeline.

Session Five

Data is the new oil, so avoid an oil spill! Data privacy, digital ethics and AI

What are the legal risks and ethical responsibilities associated with use of data analytics, Artificial Intelligence and IoT technologies?

This session explores the impact of privacy law obligations on your organisations’ data activities, including the Privacy Bill and the General Data Protection Regulation. It will also look at evolving concerns around data ethics and potential solutions to risks associated with algorithms and AI, including privacy, bias and discrimination.

It will help you understand what this all means for the finance function and how to ensure your customers’ valuable data is collected, stored and managed properly.

Session Six

Taking your first steps on the journey to become data-driven

In today’s world, it is widely understood that business success is underpinned by data. Data driven decision making can take the guesswork out of business strategy and lead to much better commercial and customer outcomes.

This session explores how finance together with data can iteratively help drive key business decision making. Learn through practical case studies about how data has been optimised and applied in this exciting business.

Session Seven

Increasing customer loyalty and performance through Blockchain, data analytics & AI

A true promise of data analytics is knowing the customer better than they know themselves in delivering them personalised service. Blockchain, AI and PiCo technologies are making it easier and more cost-effective for organisations to collect, process and utilise data to deliver on this promise. Improving customer loyalty, buyer experience and repeat sales is critical to driving business performance.

This session covers the role that data plays in best-practice loyalty program execution and how new technologies are transforming the industry. Explore case studies from major global brands on the financial benefits that modern loyalty approaches can deliver to organisations.

Session Eight

Future of finance team, skills and talent in the golden age of Big Data - Panel Session

Join a panel of leading senior finance leaders, HR and data industry experts as they discuss the future of the finance workforce and skill set. As finance shifts more into a business partnership role, the need for data analysis skills will grow, and prompt the creation of new roles within finance.

Finance leaders will need the right talent and skills to be able to use data and technology effectively to serve the business. Ask the experts your questions on their visions for the future finance team.


Topic: People & Leadership

Sub-Topic: Personal Effectiveness

Format: Recorded Webinar

Proficiency Level: Foundation, Intermediate, Advanced

CPD: Upto 8 hours