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Foundations of SMSFs 2019 Series

This 4 part recorded webinar series will provide you with a fundamental understanding; whether you’re starting your career in superannuation or an experienced professional looking for a refresher, this series will look at several areas in superannuation that are crucial for any solid foundation.


Content Description

For every topic, we offer a theory session and a case study session. The theory sessions provide learners an in-depth theoretical understanding of the topic and its key principles, while the case studies use realistic client scenarios to demonstrate the practical application of the topics key principles.

Session Information

OneSuperannuation Essentials
TwoSuperannuation Continued
ThreeInvestment Rules
FourPensions & Lump Sums


This series will provide a solid foundation for any young professional and a great refresher for those more experienced in superannuation.


Topic: Financial Advisory and Superannuation

Sub-Topic: Superannuation

Format: Recorded Webinar

Proficiency Level: Foundation, Intermediate

CPD: 6 hours