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Foundations of Tax 2019 / 2020 Series

Join us as we cover everything from GST, PAYG and FBT, to CGT and other Australian tax system essentials. A firm understanding of these essentials will give you a great head-start as a tax professional.


Content Description

In this series, one of our Senior Tax Trainers will provide you with a fundamental understanding of the essential topics, and a firm base for more complex tax topics.

Session Information

One - Taxation of Partnerships30 July 20192pm - 3pm AEDT
Two - Goods and Services Tax (GST)27 August 20192pm - 3pm AEDT
Three - Australian International Tax17 September 20192pm - 3pm AEDT
Four - Employment Taxes Essentials29 October 20192pm - 3pm AEDT
Five - Tax administration and compliance19 November 20192pm - 3pm AEST
Six - Assessable Income10 December 20192pm - 3pm AEST
Seven - Allowable Deductions21 January 20202pm - 3pm AEST
Eight - Fringe Benefits Tax (FBT)19 February 20202pm - 3pm AEST
Nine - Capital Allowances25 March 20202pm - 3pm AEST
Ten - Capital Gains Tax (CGT)22 April 20202pm - 3pm AEDT
Eleven - Trading Stock27 May 20202pm - 3pm AEDT


Understanding areas such as assessable income, allowable deductions, capital allowances, GST, FBT, and CGT will start you off in the right direction for a successful career in tax. This series is also perfect as a refresher, to make sure you’re on top of the latest changes.


Topic: Tax

Sub-Topic: Business Tax, Employment Taxes - PAYE, PAYG & FBT, GST, Income Tax, Income Tax (inc CGT), Tax Administration

Format: Webinar

Proficiency Level: Foundation

CPD: 11 hours