Introduction to remote auditing

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Want to discover how your firm can leverage technologies to benefit from remote auditing?

Attend this one-hour webinar, where Clive will share his insights on Remote Auditing, the practice management aspects and how auditors can effectively use technology to overcome the challenges that arise while auditing remotely.

Almost overnight, the COVID 19 pandemic forced audit firms to move towards remote working. This sudden shift has been challenging as significant changes to existing audit procedures and processes have been necessary. Although these were testing times for auditors, they weren’t as disruptive for audit firms which had already adopted digital auditing technologies. Based on their experience with remote audits, many auditors and experts feel that if properly executed remote auditing can enhance efficiency and quality.

No doubt with the benefits that remote auditing offers, it is here to stay and is in fact the future of auditing.

From an expert, learn why remote auditing is a game-changer, the importance of reliable software, tools, and technology while performing audits remotely and how this can enhance efficiency. In this webinar, Clive will share his insights on:

  • The changing landscape and the need for remote auditing
  • Challenges and benefits of remote auditing
  • Practice management issues and how auditors can leverage using technology
  • Managing audit team and client interactions in a virtual environment
  • Sharing data and information in a safe manner while working remotely
  • The need for reliable tools, software and data management systems for remote auditing


Learning Outcomes

Upon satisfactory completion of this session, learners will be able to:

  • Explain the changing landscape for auditors and the need for remote auditing
  • Outline the challenges and benefits of remote auditing
  • Explain the practice management issues and how auditors can address these using technology
  • Understand the need for reliable tools, software and data management systems while performing audits remotely
  • Gain insights into how your audit practice can adapt, grow, and thrive during disruption.



Benefit from the practical insights and understand the fundamentals of remote auditing and how auditors can effectively use technology to overcome the challenges arising while performing audits remotely.

Clive McKegg
Audit Assistant Ltd

Clive started his chartered accounting experience straight out of completing a BCom at Auckland University, working initially for a large Auckland audit firm. Later he took the audit role in a variety of smaller firms, gaining a broad range of experience across different audit approaches and across of a diverse range of audit clients. He owned his own small practice for a number of years prior to starting the present company. Clive developed early versions of Audit Assistant to streamline his own work. He formed Audit Assistant Ltd in 2009 along with co-director and software engineer Matt McKegg. The goal was to support smaller and regional firms negotiating the transition to ISAs, utilising the emerging cloud-based technology to make high quality assurance work as efficient and cost-effective as possible. Within Audit Assistant he overseas content, product development and training. 



Topic: Audit & Assurance

Sub-Topic: Auditor Liability, Internal Audit

Format: Recorded Webinar

Proficiency Level: Intermediate, Advanced

CPD: Upto 1 hours