LIF-T: Strategic Finance Leaders Program

This activity is provided by The Outperformer. You will be directed to the providers website.

In a high-performance setting with peers from organisations across Australia, New Zealand and Asia, you will work through a series of workshops and exercises aimed at upskilling your finance leadership skills and knowledge. The program is brought back into your day-to-day work environment, ensuring you are practicing and transferring the learning into results.
For the finance leader, we all battle the ‘conflicting’ priorities building a team that drives strategic value to the business, balanced against the need to navigate governance and compliance, uphold performance accountabilities and ultimately, the management of trustworthy financial data.

The focus in this program is on building the strategic leadership ‘muscles’ that bring it all together.

Key learning areas include:
  • Strategy Development & Execution - introduction to critical principles in strategy development and practical exploration of the execution of strategy and the role of finance in facilitating execution, alignment, and performance.
  • ‘Co-Pilot’, Leadership & Culture - foundational concepts of value creation in business partnership, communication techniques and models, ‘elements of culture’ and its relationship to finance leadership, ways of working to enhance strategic partnering or ‘co-piloting’
  • Modelling, Forecasting & Analytics - best practice financial modelling standards and application to business scenarios, foundations of three way financial models for decision making and business management, solving problems via modelling and analytics with a ‘fit for purpose’ approach
  • Automation, Process Excellence and Robotics - considerations in adopting automation and robotics for efficiency, flexibility and accuracy, automation that can be applied to a range of finance areas, the 6 areas of automation

Program comprises:
  • Participant onboarding session
  • 6 x workshops:
  • Group Reflection Session
  • Presentation: Personal Strategic Finance Leadership Roadmap

Learning Outcomes
Upon successful completion of this activity you will be able to:
  • Understand critical principles in strategy development and execution, with relevance to finance leadership.
  • Develop a prioritised roadmap for your development as a strategic finance leader, applied to the context of your business and finance team.
  • Appreciate paths for enabling your strategic finance leadership through automation and appropriate application of agile decision-making tools.
  • Understand a range of frameworks for approaching strategic finance leadership that can be applied to different roles and scenarios across your career.

Participants of this program will stretch beyond their current frame of reference to set a new benchmark for excellence in their work as a ‘strategic’ finance leader. 

This program is unique in its capacity to explore strategic finance leadership holistically, and from the perspective of driving business performance and value creation with frameworks and models that can be used in any environment.
This activity includes:
  • 6 x 3hr workshops (Total 18 hrs)
  • 1 x 1hr Roadmap Presentation (1hr)

Onboarding and Standards of Participation Session - 6th October 12pm to 1pm AEST

1. Strategy & Foundation Setting - 14th October 9.30am to 1pm AEST 
2. Finance Leadership in Strategy Execution - 15th October 9.30am to 1pm AEST 
3. Creating Space to Lead Strategically through Enablement (Process, Technology, People) -3rd November 9.30am to 1pm AEST  
 4. Pathways, Decisions and Application - 12th November 9.30am to 1pm AEST
5. Strategic Advisor: Tools & Skills -25th November 9.30am to 1pm AEST  
6. Operating Plan & Finance Culture- 3rd December 9.30am to 1pm AEST  

Weekly Group Coaching Sessions - every Monday 10am and Wed 1 pm
Rob Arthur - Strategy Development & Execution
Rob Arthur plays a critical role this program in harnessing the connection between business strategy, finance strategy and your role as a strategic finance leader. Rob is a Partner at McGrath Nicol in Strategy Consulting and has a long career in the field, including his recent role of GM Strategy at NBN Co.

Brad Eisenhuth - Strategic Leadership, Finance Brand & Culture
Brad Eisenhuth works with the cohort across the program in exploring and addressing the considerations for executing as a strategic finance leader, including building the behaviours and conditions that set you and your people up for success. Brad is the Founder and CEO of The Outperformer, an award-winning consultancy in learning and development, and performance projects across team & culture, partnering & co-piloting, modelling & analytics, and automation.

Michael Flanderka - Automation, Robotics & Process Excellence
Michael Flanderka takes you on a journey into operational excellence in this program, formulating your leadership around enabling the finance function to elevate value creation and empower finance teams to do their best work by adopting cutting edge solutions in automation and robotics. Michael and his team partner with The Outperformer in executing automation & robotics projects, with experience across a range of industries. He is also a CA with a background in tax with PWC and corporate.

Lance Rubin - Modelling & Analytics
Lance is Australia's leading authority on decision making tools and technology, specifically in the space of modelling and analytics. Lance role is to explore the enablement of the modern strategic finance leader through creating agility in your technology stack, creating confidence and robustness in modelling and analytics.
The participant must have a computer or laptop with:
  • A camera and mic, so they can be seen and heard during workshop
  • Strong internet connection, to avoid disruption in hearing and seeing information via Zoom.
  • Access to Zoom

The program has three activities that participants complete in their own time.

  • Strategy Diagnostic: Business and Finance
  • Enablement Review: ‘Bottlenecks’ & Inefficiencies + ROI for Change
  • Roadmap Presentation (Mandatory)


Topic: Corporate Finance, Future Focused, Tax

Sub-Topic: Future of Business

Format: Virtual Classroom

Proficiency Level: Intermediate, Advanced

CPD: Upto 19 hours