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Leadership Development Series - Workshop

This activity is presented by High Heel Consulting. 

Learn about yourself and how you are perceived in the workplace and externally. Discover ways to negotiate through the mist and the ‘how to’ with leading people in the good times and the not so good. 

Personal Branding & Communication Style – Internal and External Image, including social media.
Content Description:
Defining of your personal brand is critical – learn how to take control and communicate this confidently.

Personal branding is essentially what you are known for and what people seek you out for. If you are the “go-to” person for accounting, then your personal brand is all about accounting, even if that is not your job.

An effective personal branding strategy provides professionals the platform, opportunity and edge to establish credibility, inspire, and succeed in their niche. While that’s summed up nicely in a sentence, it takes planning and consistent action to execute and build an accomplished personal brand.

What does a best personal brand really look like?

Be memorable (In the right way). We will look at people that have it right and those it has gone very badly and why.

Session Outlines
Session 1
  • Personal Branding and Communication 
  • Power and Influencing Others

Session 2

  • Achievement, Self Confidence and Increasing your Resilience 
  • Self-Management, Planning and Driving your Professional Development

Session 3
  • Building a team, taking your team to the next level 
  • Exploring Leadership Styles - Which one are you? How effective are you?

Session 4
  • Performance Managing your staff - Tips, Trips and Traps
  • Effective Networking & Connecting - Which is your value proposition to showcase your style 
  • Mentoring, Coaching and Sponsors how do they work? Who do you choose and how do you find them to support your growth mind-set

Learning Outcomes
Upon satisfactory completion of this activity you will be able to:
  • Confidently present yourself professionally
  • Represent an authentic personal brand no matter who the audience.
  • Establish credibility.
  • Inspire and succeed in your field of expertise.
  • Understand the way communication affects your brand and how to play to your strengths 
  • Navigate how to leave a lasting impression – the right way.
  • Be courageous with networking.

Leaders Development Series has been designed to give you the skills needed to effectively bridge, manage and motivate employees from various departments – turning strategy into action. 

It will also help you identify opportunities for your own personal improvement as you build the confidence and resilience required to lead. Our program is for busy business professionals looking to learn skills, collaborate with other leaders, while gaining advice to support your career progression.
Leadership Development Series

Session 1:5 February 2020 8:00am - 10:00am
Session 2:12 February 20208:00am - 10:00am
Session 3:4 March 20208:00am - 10:00am
Session 4:11 March 20208:00am - 10:00am
Session 5:1 April 20208:00am - 10:00am
Session 6:6 May 20203:00pm - 7:00pm
Kristen Raison – Managing Director

Kristen has over 20 years of experience as Senior Executive working across the Private and Public sectors including local and state government. She has a wide range of experience in leading businesses over that period of time to achieve significant leadership uplift, growth in business revenue and team engagement.

Kristen works hands on with businesses in various industries and sectors to review and implement strategic priorities along with designing leadership development training programs for groups or individuals which are tailored to the company needs. These programs range from the C suite to developing new leaders across a broad remit. 

Prior to starting her own business, Kristen led Investment Banking teams in South Australia/NT and NSW. Was the National leader for Staff engagement, People and Culture. She was the National Executive Leader Customer Experience and Service Standards for one of the Big 4. She also sits on and works with various boards. 

Kristen holds a Bachelor of Commerce, Hogan International Psychometric Profiling & 360 Assessments, RG146 Kaplan, Cert IV Workplace Assessment and Training, Adv Dip Leadership Management HR, Graduate – AICD
Level 29 
Westpac House
91 King William Street
Adelaide 5000
Course materials and workbook supplied at workshop.


Topic: Business Mindset, Ethics & Integrity, Future Focused, People & Leadership, Reporting

Sub-Topic: Ethics , Financial Reporting, Leadership, Negotiation, Operational Excellence, Project Management, Solve Problems, Strategy, Sustainability, Talent Management

Format: Workshop

Proficiency Level: Intermediate, Advanced

CPD: 16 hours