Leading your practice strategically package

Improve the effectiveness and efficiency of your practice by creating more value for your clients, leveraging technology, building strong relationships and staying ahead of the competition. 


This package provides the latest thinking and tools to help practices develop into more effective and profitable businesses. 

The practical content will allow you to keep up with technology developments, manage business risk, re-position your practice and deepen relationships as a trusted advisor.  


Learning outcomes

  • Discover how to avoid 'the compliance trap' of too many low margin clients and endless fee queries and create a more profitable way of working. 
  • Explore why inflation poses the perfect opportunity for practitioners to shift their client’s focus onto value and how to proactively respond to new pressures caused by inflation. 
  • Become equipped with the tools you have available to support clients facing financial stress. 
  • Learn how to use AI to reduce workload pressure and increase capacity. 
  • Uncover practical strategies to attract the right talent in a critically skills short market. 
  • Explore how teams can build stronger connections, improve communication and increase overall resilience. 
  • Understand the steps for identifying, evaluating and addressing conflicts of interest in practice. 
  • Learn how to leverage digital marketing to grow the business and support for your cause online. 


Courses included 

  • How to help clients see, and take action to address financial stress early (A&A Conference 2023) 
  • How to Activate Your Community Using Digital Marketing (A&A Conference 2023) 
  • Advanced use of AI and automation in accounting (A&A Conference 2023) 
  • Conflicts of interest – identifying, managing and responding (A&A Conference 2023) 
  • Inclusive leadership playbook: practical DEI delivery for your practice (A&A Conference 2023) 
  • How to use ChatGPT to reduce workload pressure and increase capacity (A&A Conference 2023) 
  • General and Cyber Insurance Update (A&A Conference 2023) 
  • Moving beyond compliance to strategic advisor (A&A Conference 2023) 
  • Beat the skills shortage for the financial hiring manager 
  • Using inflation as an opportunity to shift into pricing value 
  • The resilience game: mastering team resilience for success 
  • Speaking with confidence – the power of structure 



Enhance your client relationships, team environment and profitability by embracing innovation, understanding what clients truly value and creating a point of difference. 



Topic: Business Mindset, Future Focused, People & Leadership

Sub-Topic: Future of Business, Leadership, Strategy

Format: Recorded Webinar

Proficiency Level: Intermediate, Advanced

CPD: Upto 11.5 hours