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Lean Awareness: Philosophy and Tools – eLearning

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Content Description:

‘Lean Management’ aims to free-up time from rectifying mistakes and use it more profitably elsewhere in the business.

The approach has gained tremendous traction over the last 15 years and organisations all over the world are now applying the principles of lean improvement. Nevertheless, lean remains something of an enigma and many people do not fully understand its core philosophy. Some believe lean to be a cost-reduction strategy with the aim of cutting jobs. Others think that lean is part of Six Sigma and is a highly technical methodology. Still others believe that lean is a Japanese approach that can only work within an Eastern culture-set. Lean is none of these things. Lean is not some mystical religion and it certainly should not be about cutting jobs: rather the efficiencies gained can be used to serve more customers and develop new products and services. This course will help you to understand the concepts and beliefs at the heart of the lean philosophy, and to think through its application within your organisation.

Learning Outcomes:

Upon satisfactory completion of this activity you will be able to:
• Understand the definition, history and key features of the lean philosophy.
• Establish the starting point and stages in a lean improvement project.
• Define Value Stream Mapping and the outcome you wish to achieve in an improvement project.
• Understand the principles of good process design and the key tools of lean improvement.
• Structure your organisation's lean improvement efforts, including the composition of an Improvement Team and the stages that the Improvement Team should work through.

This activity will enable you to become more aware of new ways of looking at old routines in your business and be able to refresh and energise productive work and support the creativity and input of others in your work team.


Topic: Business Mindset, Corporate Finance, People & Leadership

Sub-Topic: Finance Management, Leadership, Operational Excellence

Format: Self-paced

Proficiency Level: Intermediate, Advanced

CPD: 4 hours