Manager Masterclass Series - Workshop

This activity is presented by High Heel Consulting. 

A goal is to push the capability of managers, directors and partners in terms of managing and building teams, developing their business and direction and general client and team leadership ability.

The course will explore 4 key areas of management and leadership in depth, complementing experience and finishing the development gained through the Business Development and Deepening Client Relationship series and Leadership Development Series. 
Content Description:
This series will be split into four modules as follows:
  • Building and managing your perfect team
  • Enhancing your career and executive presentation
  • Consulting, creating a team of trusted advisors
  • Strategy & leadership, creating elite performance

Each will take key management and leadership themes and explore in depth 

Learning Outcomes
Learn to lead your team in the following Business Development and Client Relationship activities:
  • Embed a number of simple steps, processes and checklists into the team’s  day to day. 
  • Create a framework for engaging, building trust, creating win / win situations and ensuring every meeting has value
  • Teach your team how to Build a pipeline of clients for new business opportunities and to successfully convert that to revenue
  • Understand your natural communication style and learn to identify your team’s and how it effects your percentage of conversion.
  • Enhance you and your teams understanding of and ability to identify buying signals, handle objections, build demand and close a sale and move to a potential long-term relationship.

Enhance your capabilities in each of the following and be positioned to pass these insights onto your team:
  • Build effective teams and create the culture aligned with your strategic goals
  • Plan strategically and tactically, be the leader in every aspect of your team and business
  • Be prepared and acquitted to have difficult conversations with your team, colleagues, superiors and clients
  • Build your personal brand, manage your reputation and develop the presence of a trusted advisor and leader in your field

You will rethink your leadership and management, refine your learning from your experience and previous training.  You will reset your view and priorities, and walk away more able to make the key decisions you need to take your team to the next level.
Manager Masterclass Series

Session 1:12 June 20209:00am - 4:00pm
Session 2:19 June 20209:00am - 4:00pm
Session 3:10 July 20209:00am - 4:00pm
Session 4:17 July 20209:00am - 4:00pm
Kristen Raison – Managing Director

Kristen has over 20 years of experience as Senior Executive working across the Private and Public sectors including local and state government. She has a wide range of experience in leading businesses over that period of time to achieve significant leadership uplift, growth in business revenue and team engagement.

Kristen works hands on with businesses in various industries and sectors to review and implement strategic priorities along with designing leadership development training programs for groups or individuals which are tailored to the company needs. These programs range from the C suite to developing new leaders across a broad remit. 

Prior to starting her own business, Kristen led Investment Banking teams in South Australia/NT and NSW. Was the National leader for Staff engagement, People and Culture. She was the National Executive Leader Customer Experience and Service Standards for one of the Big 4. She also sits on and works with various boards. 

Kristen holds a Bachelor of Commerce, Hogan International Psychometric Profiling & 360 Assessments, RG146 Kaplan, Cert IV Workplace Assessment and Training, Adv Dip Leadership Management HR, Graduate – AICD
Level 29
Westpac House
91 King William Street
Adelaide 5000
Some experience in a management / leadership or ownership role or preparing to enter one in the near future OR having completed the business development and leadership development series with CA ANZ (or a similar course elsewhere).


Topic: Business Mindset, People & Leadership, Reporting

Sub-Topic: Financial Reporting, Leadership, Personal Effectiveness, Solve Problems, Strategy

Format: Workshop

Proficiency Level: Intermediate, Advanced

CPD: Upto 24 hours