Navigating emerging areas in accounting package

Understand the latest developments in financial and sustainability reporting, and harness technology and data to boost your performance.


This package is designed to grow your knowledge of sustainable accounting practices and technology innovations. 

The sessions explain ways tomanage climate-related risks, use technology to increase capacity, leverage data to develop insights, grow your commercial acumen and problem-solving skills, and transform your productivity. 


Learning outcomes


  • Explore the future outlook across the corporate reporting world, including financial and sustainability reporting, IFRS, and the impacts of the current volatile and changing economic conditions
  • Learn how to use AI to reduce workload pressure and increase capacity
  • Equip yourself with strategies to build your resilience, overcome cognitive overload, prevent burnout and boost your productivity and performance
  • Learn how to manage business risks in the face of extreme weather and cyber-attacks
  • Understand how to shift from static, manual planning to dynamic, company-wide planning reporting and analysis
  • Understand the steps for identifying, evaluating and addressing conflicts of interest
  • Uncover how organisations can better harness the rich data they hold and how to use data to tell your story
  • Learn how to craft the mindset required to continuously grow and improve your commercial acumen
  • Discover how to develop more innovative, creative solutions to everyday problems


Courses included


  • Advanced use of AI and automation in accounting (A&A Conference 2023)
  • Economic update (A&A Conference 2023)
  • Sustainability and climate-related disclosure reporting (A&A Conference 2023)
  • The future of analytics and financial reporting (A&A Conference 2023)
  • How to use ChatGPT to reduce workload pressure and increase capacity (A&A Conference 2023)
  • General and Cyber Insurance Update (A&A Conference 2023)
  • Conflicts of interest – identifying, managing and responding (A&A Conference 2023)
  • Data secrets you need to know to unlock the metrics that matter (A&A Conference 2023)
  • Mindsets to help you grow commercial acumen
  • Transform your productivity: practical strategies to overcome overwhelm and boost performance
  • Innovative creative problem solving
  • Speaking with confidence – the power of structure 




Stay ahead of changes in reporting, sustainable business practices and technology innovations, while building your problem-solving and communication skills. 


Topic: Business Mindset, Future Focused, Reporting

Sub-Topic: Business Reporting, Financial Reporting, Future of Business, Personal Effectiveness, Sustainability

Format: Recorded Webinar

Proficiency Level: Foundation, Intermediate

CPD: Upto 11.5 hours