Not for Profit conference 2022 - On demand

The Not-for-Profit Virtual Conference brings together key operatives; either Board members or finance managers within the NFP sector to grow their skills and knowledge, inspire innovation, discuss how to build more sustainable organisations and achieve better results for themselves, their teams, and organisations.


You will hear from a range of carefully selected professionals who are not only speakers but leaders in their field who will provide insights based on their own experiences. Sessions cover a diverse range of topics facing the NFP professionals: 

  • Reimagining Philanthropy to Grow Giving – the biggest ‘trends’ in philanthropic giving 
  • Strategy and governance in an uncertain environment 
  • Preventing burnout and building resilient NFPs 
  • Aligning Your Board to Your Organisation 
  • Financial Standards Update
  • Thinking Creatively: It's More Than Marketing 
  • Recruiting and retaining top talent 
  • Presenting to the Board - How to ensure that your Board gets the information it needs and understands what is given to them
  • Cyber and non-digital fraud prevention 
  • Donors of Different Generations 


Learning outcomes
On successful completion of this recorded conference, participants should be able to: 

  • Understand the latest trends in philanthropic giving and the impact of COVID on the sector 
  • Discover how governance and strategy need to change when operating in an uncertain environment
  • Find out the latest financial standards and regulations 
  • Learn new strategies to prevent cyber and non-digital fraud
  • Explore how to attract and retain top talent 
  • Learn how to prevent burnout and build resilient NFPs 
  • Discover how to facilitate an innovative culture and think creatively 
  • Understand how to ensure that your Board gets the information it needs and understands what is presented to them 
  • Discover more about donors of different generations 

The key benefits include improving leadership and governance skills, understanding the latest trends in philanthropic giving, learning the latest financial standards and regulations, and how to adapt to in an environment characterised by high levels of uncertainty to ensure your organisational sustainability.


Topic: Future Focused, People & Leadership

Sub-Topic: Business Reporting, Leadership, Strategies for Success, Strategy

Format: Recorded Webinar

Proficiency Level: Intermediate

CPD: Upto 7.5 hours