Overcoming unconscious bias

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Our unconscious bias affects our decision making and treatment of others. Discover how to be aware of it and practical steps you can take to remove it from your workplace.

Unconscious biases are the attitudes, beliefs, and assumptions we all subconsciously hold that affect the way we think and feel about others. These biases take many forms including age, name, race, religion, gender, disability, and more. The keys to identifying and overcoming unconscious bias are the similar regardless of the bias(es). To make things easier we will focus primarily on one bias being gender bias.

This webinar explores the impact unconscious bias has in the workforce, how to identify your own, and what it looks like at work. The webinar will then explore practical strategies you can implement at the individual and organisational levels for each stage of the hiring and career development path in your organisation.

Lastly, we will look at examples of when to call out unconscious bias in public and when to pull someone aside for a private discussion. This is a warm inclusive webinar designed for positive outcomes for us all.  


None of us wishes to inadvertently harm another’s career progression through our unconscious biases. This webinar helps you to recognise unconscious bias when it arises, know how to talk about it, and be an ally on the journey to a workplace where everyone has opportunities to thrive. Being aware of your own unconscious biases helps you to make better hiring, delegation, and promotion decisions as you move through your career. 

Learning outcomes 

Upon satisfactory completion of this webinar, you will be able to: 

  • Identify unconscious bias when you see it
  • Explain the impact gender bias has in the workplace with examples
  • Implement strategies to overcome your personal biases
  • Have warm engaging conversations about unconscious bias, and its impact that help people see other perspectives
  • Implement practical strategies to reduce unconscious bias in the workplace


Petris Lapis B Com LLB LLM FIPA FFA

Petris holds Commerce and Law degrees from the University of Queensland and a Master Of Laws from the Queensland University of Technology. In 2015 she was made an Honorary Fellow of the Institute of Public Accountants for services to the profession.

She has worked in the taxation division of one of the world’s largest accounting firms, in banking, as a University law lecturer (specialising in advanced legal subjects for post-graduate students), an external author for CCH Australia, the director and senior trainer of a tax training organisation (Tax Matters Pty Ltd) and the director and senior trainer of Artisan Of Change. She has consulted to the corporate, government and not for profit sectors and has been an accredited Senior Mindfulness Trainer with the Potential Project. She has nearly 25 years’ experience as a conference and workshop presenter. Her passion, enthusiasm and humour are loved by audiences internationally.

She has been a committee member of several professional bodies and contributed to their education programmes as a presenter, author and advisor. She has published several books and hundreds of papers. 

Petris is passionate about helping organisations build positive cultures and supporting people to live great lives, fulfil their potential, and achieve success.


Topic: People & Leadership

Sub-Topic: Leadership, Personal Effectiveness

Format: Recorded Webinar

Proficiency Level: All

CPD: Upto 1 hours