Reimagining Audit, Audit Quality & LCEs

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Stay ahead of the changing landscape of global markets and evolving stakeholders’ expectations from audit


Moving beyond COVID, leveraging technologies to benefit from remote auditing and navigating a landscape of constant change. This package explores how auditors can improve and maintain audit quality, practicalities of auditing less complex entities and manage risks in an environment of rapid technological change.

Learning outcomes:

Completing this package will help you to gain deeper insights into areas such as:

  • Leveraging technologies to benefit from remote auditing
  • Evolving stakeholders’ expectations from audit
  • Using root cause analysis
  • The latest ASIC audit inspection findings
  • Practicalities of auditing less complex entities

  • Courses included:

  • Audit Conference 2020: What is the future of Audit?
  • Introduction to Remote Auditing
  • Audit Conference 2020: ASIC’s inspection findings – improving audit quality
  • Audit Conference 2020: How to practically audit less complex entities of today
  • Audit Conference 2020: Root Cause Analysis – how to get things right
  • Audit Conference 2020: Use of Audit technology in Audits
  • Moving beyond COVID – the role of resilience and resilient leadership
  • Proposed International Standards on Quality Management

  • Benefits

    This package will help you to stay up to date technical knowledge, latest developments and key skills in a landscape of constant change. Gaining key insights from leading subject matter experts, regulators, and fellow practitioners.


    Topic: Audit & Assurance

    Sub-Topic: Auditor Liability

    Format: Recorded Webinar

    Proficiency Level: All

    CPD: Upto 8 hours