Start-Ups & Scale Ups Advisory Masterclass Series

Do you have the knowledge to help start-ups and scale-ups succeed? From inception to growth phase, in this four-module series you’ll discover the technical and professional skills you need to become a leader in start-up and scale-up advisory services.

This deep-dive series will help you understand the start-up life cycle and ecosystem, when and where you can support start-ups, and the required technical knowledge and skills to support these businesses from inception to growth.

This series is divided in four modules, consisting of 12 sessions delivered online on a fortnightly basis over six months. Each module focuses on set of key skills required to support start-ups and scale-ups. 

The key aspects that will be covered in each module:

1.Start-up ecosystem and life-cycle
This module covers the start-up life cycle and the role of Chartered Accountants at each stage, advising on/developing business and revenue models, start-up jargon, global landscape and market research and need analysis.

2.Finance Business partnering
This module looks beyond routine budgeting and financial projections and focuses on financial discipline, business acumen, personality traits financial modelling, mentoring, MIS CFO advisory and market testing.

This module covers sources of finance, valuations, storytelling, pitch, understanding and negotiating term sheet, what investors expect from start-ups and government incentives and grants.

4.Tax and operational support
This module covers ESOPS, equity and compliance, due diligence, advice on tax efficient share structure and remunerations, internal controls and processes, cost and operation advisory, risk management, IP registrations and cyber security, business structure and broad operational structure, expansion and structures and IT options/apps.

Designed by CA Catalyst
CA Catalyst represents an opportunity for you to build new skills, tools and connections, to unlock and create growth opportunities, and to embrace innovation and technology to keep pace. 
Upon satisfactory completion of this session, learners will be able to:
  • Explain the start-up life cycle and ecosystem, know-how, when and where they can support start-ups and scale-ups, and acquire essential skills for helping them in developing Business & Revenue model
  • Understand the need for finance business partnering and how they can support start-ups and scale-ups beyond routine budgeting and financial advisory services
  • Understand various aspects related to raising funds for start-ups and scale-ups and acquire essential skills to support them throughout the fund raising process
  • Outline specific tax, compliance, legal and technology aspects that are critical for the success of start-ups and scale-ups and how to efficiently manage these aspects. 

Further details to be announced soon.


Topic: Business Mindset, Corporate Finance, Financial Advisory and Superannuation

Sub-Topic: Business Planning & Analysis, Business Valuation, Finance Management, Financial Planning & Advisory, Future of Business

Format: Virtual Classroom

Proficiency Level: Intermediate, Advanced

CPD: Upto 30 hours