Stress Mastery Program - eLearning

This activity is delivered by NeuroCapability. 

The aim of the Stress Mastery Program is to provide you with a toolkit to help you to stay cool under pressure, manage stress and understand why people think and act the way they do (as well as how you can respond effectively).
Facing an unprecedented time of uncertainty, we need a new set of tools to deal with rapid change, high stress and the often-emotional times in which we find ourselves. This program examines these issues and will help you to better regulate your emotional responses and guard against negative emotion contagion. 

The program provides you with six 30-minute online videos. Each video addresses a ‘Big Idea’ that includes at least one practical strategy that can be applied straight away. You will learn how to apply them to improve self- awareness, self-regulation and stress mastery.

The topics include:
  • Understanding why your brain drives all behaviour and why this matters
  • Why threat is bad for performance and wellbeing
  • Managing emotions – it is all about self-regulation
  • Improving attention focus and being mindful
  • From frazzle to Stress Mastery
  • Guarding against negative emotion contagion

Learning Outcomes

Upon satisfactory completion of this activity you will be able to:
  • Describe how your brain drives behaviour.
  • Explain how the brain affects the way we interact with the world around us.
  • Apply self-awareness strategies to recognise your brain’s response to its environment.
  • Describe why we care about significance, certainty, autonomy, relatedness and equity (SCARE).
  • Apply strategies for regulating emotions.
  • Implement mindfulness practices.
  • Employ strategies for down-time to improve focus.
  • Recognise the neuroscience of frazzle and why this is deadly to productivity and creativity.  
  • Summarise the longer-term implications of stress and our ability to function.
  • Implement mindfulness practices to train your brain to overcome frazzle.
  • Describe emotion contagion and how to manage it. 
  • Manage your emotions more effectively.


This program equips you with a better understanding of your brain. You will be able to manage distractions and manage and influence the emotional climate in the workplace. You will understand how threat and reward drives behaviour and shapes how we react or over-react in the workplace. You will also be able to manage stress and build resilience, implement attention management practices and strategies to keep you focused and productive.
Additional resources are included in the registration email.


Topic: People & Leadership

Sub-Topic: Personal Effectiveness

Format: eLearning

Proficiency Level: Foundation, Intermediate, Advanced

CPD: Upto 3 hours