Technology Trends for Accountants - eLearning

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From cloud accounting and machine learning to blockchain, deep learning, and more. Discover what these current, emerging and disruptive technologies mean for the accounting profession.


Advances in technology are reshaping the role of accountants. Some see this as a threat to the profession but embracing technological advances can provide many benefits and opportunities.

This course demystifies the world of technology for accountants, helping you to make informed decisions about adopting and using new technologies. You'll gain an awareness of the current trends and emerging technologies, such as mobile accounting and machine learning, and how they will impact your role. You'll discover potential future disruptors, and why improvements in technology and software are increasing the focus on data in finance.

Upon satisfactory completion of this activity you will be able to:
  • Understand current technology trends and how they affect your role as an accountant.
  • Understand emerging technologies, such as mobile accounting, artificial intelligence and machine learning, and discover how you can use them in your finance role.
  • Recognise the realities of blockchain, cryptocurrencies and the expected breakthrough of both deep learning and embedded analytics.
  • Prepare, analyse and present data more effectively, using new software and technology.

Raise your understanding and awareness of technology trends and raise your awareness of the emerging opportunities for financial professionals.


Topic: Business Mindset, Future Focused

Sub-Topic: Information & Communication Technology, Sustainability

Format: eLearning

Proficiency Level: Foundation, Intermediate

CPD: Upto 4 hours