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Modelling NPV and IRR

Recorded Webinar 1.5 CPD hours

This session will use practical Excel examples to illustrate NPV and IRR examples. Gain practical tools for developing NPV and IRR models in Excel and work through common issues that arise.

Next Generation Finance Leadership

Recorded Webinar 4 CPD hours

This 4 part webinar series will examine what issues the next generation of finance leadership will have to contend with and master.

PEAK Leadership

Recorded Webinar 4 CPD hours

This four part webinar series empowers you to develop the skills you need as a leader to create confident, results focused, inspired and engaged teams. It challenges you to review and sharpen your leadership skills and adapt your style to maximise the talent within your team and handle the complexities associated with achieving long term success.

Leverage Data with Power BI

Recorded Webinar 1 CPD hours

Develop your analytics and insights skills by learning how to use Power BI to collect, organise and interrogate your data. Create value for your organisation by applying the self-service analytics tool Power BI to internal and external data from a range of sources.

Leverage Data with Power Pivot

Recorded Webinar 1 CPD hours

Are you an existing Excel user looking to expand your existing knowledge of PivotTables and extend it to incorporate multiple data sources and sophisticated time-series analysis? Discover this and more in this webinar.

Leverage Data with Power Query

Recorded Webinar 1 CPD hours

Leverage data to create value with Power Query. This new Excel function does what it says on the tin – Gets data and Transforms it. Solve the problem of dirty data as you learn how to get and cleanse data from a wide range of sources before importing it for analysis into Excel.

Tech Bootcamp: Aiming for Privacy Resilience

Recorded Webinar 1 CPD hours

This webinar will give you an overview of data breaches, privacy laws and data protection to help your organisation protect their private data, mitigate risks and prepare for changes in privacy regulation (such as the European Data Protection Directive).

IFRS Learning and Assessment Program

Self-paced 70 CPD hours

The IFRS Learning and Assessment Program covers the development, content and use of IFRS, giving you the knowledge and guidance you need to understand and apply them with confidence.

QLD Practice Forum 2018 v1 - Brisbane Recordings

Recorded Event 4 CPD hours

Recordings from CA QLD - The Practice Forum 2018