Integrated Reporting - eLearning

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Integrated Reporting is a radically new approach to annual corporate reporting. Many larger organisations all over the world are making the transition. In South Africa, it is compulsory for listed companies. But what does it actually mean, who's doing it, and what do you need to know to advise your business or your clients?

Integrated Reporting focuses on the inter-connectivity of strategy, corporate objectives, performance measurement, risk assessment, resource allocation and governance. More and more organisations are doing it and it's likely that soon an Integrated Report will be an expected part of the information provided to stakeholders.

Upon satisfactory completion of this activity you will be able to:
  • Understand the objectives and benefits of Integrated Reporting.
  • Implement Integrated Reporting into your organisation.
  • Recognise the seven Guiding Principles and consider their implementation.
  • Apply the Content Elements to your Integrated Report.

This course will equip you with a framework to support you in establishing Integrated Reporting in your organisation.
No prerequisites.

No materials distributed.

No assessments required.


Topic: Reporting

Sub-Topic: Business Reporting, Financial Reporting

Format: eLearning

Proficiency Level: Advanced

CPD: Upto 4 hours