Automation for accountants

Step inside the world of automation for accountants, helping you become more productive, resilient and valuable. In this recording, we teach several methods and techniques for automating processes like reconciliations and data analytics.
The features of this webinar include:

  • Access to tools and techniques to successfully automate processes for your company
  • Effective methods of understanding and analysing your processes so that you can improve them
  • Key learnings and success stories to help CA members grow and advance their career with new technology.
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Learning outcomes

After watching this recording, you will be able to identify opportunities for automation in your company and deliver solutions for your team. You will also be able to talk about automation with greater confidence and an appreciation for the fundamentals needed to succeed with these types of projects.


  • Learn how to get started with automation
  • Gain a practical understanding of the tools and techniques to help you succeed with your automation
  • Avoid common mistakes and pitfalls that can lead to project failure
  • See case studies and examples of automation applied in other companies
Chapter 1
Meet the intstructor
Meet the instructor and learn about the key outcomes you can expect from watching this recording. 

Chapter 2
Introducing automation
Unpacking the why, what, who and when of automation and understanding the characteristics of a successful Automator

Chapter 3
Automation journey: What we automate
It's essential to pick a process that serves your goals and ambitions. We talk you through our method for selecting processes to automate.

Chapter 4
Automation journey - Why we automate
Collaboration with different stakeholders is a key part of automating any process. In this chapter, we teach you how to identify and work with stakeholders and get them excited about automating their process.
Story - Automating a reconciliation
A brief story about one of our past automation projects to provide real-world examples of automation.

Chapter 5
Automation journey - Designing your automation
Simple solutions can be developed for complex problems. The instructor shows you how to design and visualise your process so that it is ready for automation.

Chapter 6
Automation Journey - Prototyping your design
The road to automation can be rocky. Learn how careful prototyping of your automated solution can help iron out potential issues down the road.
Story - Automating a financial model
A brief story about one of our past automation projects to provide real-world examples of automation.

Chapter 7
Automation Journey - Automating a Process

Stepping into an automation software platform, we teach you how to build a process around a design, starting with the data inputs and adding data transformation, business logic and reporting.
Story - Fueling Innovation with Automation
A brief story about one of our past automation projects to provide real-world examples of automation.

Chapter 8
How to win at automation
A passion to improve things, resilience and dedication are critical for automation success. As we conclude this series, we reveal what drives automators and how you can keep focused on achieving your goals.
Adem Turgut, CEO at SolveXia, has helped automate 1,000+ processes for companies, with a particular focus on helping Finance departments to prepare and reconcile data, automate reports and deliver analytics.


Topic: Future Focused

Sub-Topic: Operational Excellence

Format: Recorded Webinar

Proficiency Level: All

CPD: Upto 1.5 hours