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Audit & Accounting Conference 2020

Conference Upto 6.5 hours

Audit and Accounting Conference 2020 will focus on ensuring that you have the most up to date knowledge, in a landscape of constant change.

Governance Essentials Workshop

Workshop Upto 3.5 hours

This activity is presented by Governance Institute.

The aim of this course is to demonstrate how governance practice and processes can contribute to enhanced organisation performance.

Not-for-Profit Officers, Directors and the Board Workshop

Workshop Upto 3.5 hours

This workshop is presented by Governance Institute.

The aim of this course is to introduce the role and responsibilities of not-for-profit boards or management committees.

Adelaide Tax Training Community (SA) 2019-2020

Seminar Upto 18 hours

As leaders in training and development for accountants and finance professionals, we recognise the need for flexible, engaging training solutions to help your team stay at the top of their game. Our training community is an effective way of education and updating you at a premises local to your community.

Learn and network with peers:

*Our experts come to your community

*Flexible training solution

*Your community selects the topics most relevant to them

*Network with peers and grow your business network

Manager Masterclass Series - Workshop

Workshop Upto 24 hours

This activity is presented by High Heel Consulting. 

A goal is to push the capability of managers, directors and partners in terms of managing and building teams, developing their business and direction and general client and team leadership ability.

The course will explore 4 key areas of management and leadership in depth, complementing experience and finishing the development gained through the Business Development and Deepening Client Relationship series and Leadership Development Series. 

Cram 4 Exam – FASEA exam preparation with industry experts

Workshop Upto 8.5 hours

New dates in May for Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane coming shortly.

The purpose of the program is to help those who are facing potentially 40-50 hours of preparatory study for the exam to fast-track their revision. 

Jam-packed for those who want a concise and intensive way in which to study, it is delivered by some of the best in the industry with extensive expertise and experience covering all of FASEA’s exam curriculum and 33 learning outcomes.

To obtain the member discount, apply the CRAM01 discount code and then select CAANZ when you enter attendee details. Once enrolled, you will receive an e-mail from Cram 4 Exam with further details.

Impairment Insight: Value in use and Fair Value Workshop

Workshop Upto 6.5 hours

Delve into the key issues impacting on impairment and fair valuation and gain practical insights from our experts, Kevin Frohbus and Simon Dalgarno. Whether you are a Finance leader reviewing impairment calculations for your financial statements or auditing them, this workshop examines IAS 36 Impairment of Assets and IFRS 13 Fair Value Measurement in detail and provides in depth guidance on how to prepare for your year-end reporting.

Business Valuations Workshop

Workshop Upto 13 hours

This intensive two day workshop is designed to provide delegates with a practical understanding of the application of business valuations, including how to advise on the purchase and sale of businesses, tax restructurings and valuation. This fundamental workshop will focus on the accurate application of Discounted Cash Flow (DCF) methodology in practice.

CFO Fast-Track: Analyst To Strategist Workshop

Workshop Upto 6.5 hours

Fast track your career to strategic CFO in this interactive workshop.  Learn the concepts, techniques and language of strategy.  Use key frameworks to move beyond the numbers and take a strategic lens to the business as you work through real-world scenarios. 

Audit Bootcamp Workshop

Workshop Upto 6.5 hours

This course tests how ‘fit’ your audit process is by exploring the elements of the audit risk model. Confirm you have got the core elements of your planning process correct and avoid the common pitfalls in order to maximise the results for your audit effort – because failing to plan is planning to fail.

Advanced Budgeting & Forecasting Workshop

Workshop Upto 13 hours

Discover a range of tools and techniques to improve the usability and reliability of your budget and forecast models. Learn how to integrate dynamic budgeting and forecasting and align these processes with your business strategy. 

Create forecasts that properly incorporate imprecise data and allow for uncertainties. Gain the confidence that comes from knowing that your budgets and forecasts are robust, accurate, and reliable.

Duties of Officers and Directors Workshop

Workshop Upto 3.5 hours

This activity is presented by Governance Institute.

The aim of this course is to outline the range of directors and officers duties.

Minutes for Boards & Committees – Workshop

Seminar Upto 3.5 hours

This activity is presented by Governance Institute.

The aim of this course is to equip participants with best practice knowledge and minute taking skills.

AASB 16 Leases Masterclass - Workshop

Seminar Upto 4 hours

AASB 16 Leases Masterclass - Workshop

This activity is presented by BDO.

To receive your 10% CA ANZ member discount, use code: CAANZ at checkout.

IFRS 16 has changed the reporting landscape for organisations entering into a leasing arrangement. As the first reporting periods after the implementation of AASB 16 approaches, some businesses are waking up to the fact that the transition to AASB 16 is no easy feat, and could have long-lasting ramifications on the business.

We will discuss the problems organisational finance teams should be aware of, and we articulate some possible solutions. 

In our experience working with clients on AASB 16 compliance, we’ve had a number of recurring questions centred around two key problems:
  • Choosing the right transition strategy for IFRS 16
  • IFRS 16 maintenance – IFRS 16 is not ‘set and forget’.