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How To Be More Productive In The Digital Age

Recorded Webinar Upto 1 hours

This recorded webinar aims to help you improve your productivity, effectiveness and focus even in a distracting work environment where multiple things and deadlines are competing for your time and attention.

Increasing Opportunities by Using LinkedIn

Recorded Webinar Upto 1 hours

Build a winning LinkedIn profile, make changes in your career, connect with people on LinkedIn and create content for LinkedIn. You'll be provided tips and ideas, be able to understand the importance of picking what it is you want to be known for and discover the 7 parts to a winning formula.

Story Telling for Businesses Series

Recorded Webinar Upto 2 hours

Everyone is a natural story teller. But, surrounded by complex issues and drowning in data, business professionals often overlook the power of stories to help their clients understand the opportunities ahead.

Fast Track and Problem Solve Your Way Through Your Career

Recorded Webinar Upto 1 hours

Advancing your career can often feel thwarted by ‘difficult’ co-workers and managers. In fact, managing challenging people at work is one of the most significant sources of work dissatisfaction for ANZ employees. In this webinar, Paris Cutler shares her strategies for career success while acknowledging the challenges.

RECORDED WEBINAR | The Future of Professions: Applying a COVID-19 Lens

Recorded Webinar Upto 1 hours

Access the recorded webinar featuring the co-authors of the best-selling book The Future of the Professions Professor Richard Susskind and Dr Daniel Susskind

ONLINE EVENT | AU Sharing Knowledge Series: New Zealand Tax Update

Webinar Upto 1 hours

Monday 24 August 2020

Available to all Australian members via live webcast and recording.

ONLINE EVENT | National Sharing Knowledge Series: Division 7A - The Critical Issues for Small Business in Regional Australia

Webinar Upto 1 hours

This event is sold out - apologies for any inconvenience.

Wednesday 26th August 2020

Trans-Tasman Sharing Knowledge Series: Being a sole practitioner through COVID-19

Webinar Upto 1 hours

Thursday 13 August 

Available via Live Webcast
*open to all Members across Australia and New Zealand