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Finance: The Basics - eLearning

eLearning Upto 4 hours

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NSW Building Knowledge Series - Navigating your Career - a Conversation with Women in CA (Recorded Webinar)

Recorded Webinar

Hear from three of our profession's leaders who will share their diverse career journeys, discuss how they are continuing to develop in their careers and share strategies they have used to navigate challenges and optimise opportunities.

Audit Bootcamp Workshop

Virtual Classroom Upto 6.5 hours

This course tests how ‘fit’ your audit process is by exploring the elements of the audit risk model. Confirm you have got the core elements of your planning process correct and avoid the common pitfalls in order to maximise the results for your audit effort – because failing to plan is planning to fail.

Applying Power BI to Analytical Procedures Workshop

Virtual Classroom Upto 7 hours

Using Power BI to analyse datasets in order to perform analytical procedures as part of an audit engagement equips auditors with new skills and capability to undertake their role more effectively and efficiently.

The virtual classroom has now closed. REGISTER YOUR INTEREST for the next sessions to be held in FY 20/21.

CA Catalyst presents Demystifying Advisory for Public Practice

Recorded Webinar Upto 1 hours

To gain clarity on what Advisory is and what it isn’t. To ascertain the personal skills needed and how to adopt them. To understand the organisational capabilities needed to transition to and gain further revenue from advisory work. What client expectations are now and in the future.

Master of Your Career 2020

Recorded Webinar Upto 4 hours

This four-part live webinar series will help you set and achieve career goals by proactively managing your career. It will also ensure that you make a positive impact in the workplace and take personal responsibility for the career progression.

Ways To Stay Productive While Working Remotely

Recorded Webinar

Many of us are currently working from home or remotely for the first time. Are you struggling with distractions, motivation and getting the most out of your day?  This short video includes practical tips, tools and strategies that you can use for staying productive while working remotely.

Ways To Maintain Well-Being While Working Remotely

Recorded Webinar

Working from home or remotely can become challenging once the novelty of the first few days wears off. This short video includes practical tips, tools and strategies that you can use to make this new experience healthier and happier for you, your family, housemates – and even the colleagues on the other end of your virtual calls!

Women in Business Conference 2020 - On Demand

eConference Upto 5.5 hours

Now available on-demand.  Follow in the footsteps of the fearless women who are breaking the mould and learn how mindfulness and courageous leadership played a major part in their journey.

Increasing Opportunities by Using LinkedIn

Recorded Webinar Upto 1 hours

Build a winning LinkedIn profile, make changes in your career, connect with people on LinkedIn and create content for LinkedIn. You'll be provided tips and ideas, be able to understand the importance of picking what it is you want to be known for and discover the 7 parts to a winning formula.

Story Telling for Businesses Series

Recorded Webinar Upto 2 hours

Everyone is a natural story teller. But, surrounded by complex issues and drowning in data, business professionals often overlook the power of stories to help their clients understand the opportunities ahead.

Personal Brand

Recorded Webinar Upto 1 hours

Establishing a professional presence with a clear and concise image, reputation, and status is a must. Whether you’re looking to change companies, or just want to be more viable and successful in your current endeavours, this webinar provides the theory and a step by step activity for identifying your personal brand.

Fast Track and Problem Solve Your Way Through Your Career

Recorded Webinar Upto 1 hours

Advancing your career can often feel thwarted by ‘difficult’ co-workers and managers. In fact, managing challenging people at work is one of the most significant sources of work dissatisfaction for ANZ employees. In this webinar, Paris Cutler shares her strategies for career success while acknowledging the challenges.

Customer Acquisition

Recorded Webinar Upto 1 hours

If you desire new clients or you want your existing ones to ring up your boss and tell them how great you are, you need to learn the art of converting customers into raving fans. In this webinar, Paris Cutler shares her secrets for how to acquire clients cheaply and effectively and create raving fans in the process.

QLD Retail and Travel Community: Working Capital Management and Strategy

Seminar Upto 1 hours

Wednesday, 28th October 2020

ONLINE EVENT I Trans Tasman: An Introduction to Effective Business Partnering

Seminar Upto 1 hours

Wednesday 4 November 2020

Available via live webcast  
*Open to all Members and Non-Members across Australia and New Zealand

Discover new approaches that can enable Finance professionals to develop strong relationships with other business units.

ONLINE EVENT | VIC Building Knowledge: Emerging Technologies

Live Webinar Upto 1 hours

Wednesday, 11th November 2020