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CA Catalyst: How to grow your firm through effective client engagement and management strategies, processes and tools

Great client relationships are the key to growth for public practice firms, but how do you ensure those relationships are productive, profitable and sustainable? 

This is not an academic program on client engagement 101. This is a practical program for firms to implement strategies and best practice processes to drive growth and strengthen client relationships immediately. 

In this three-part learning event, you will learn the key components of effective client engagement, including practical tips to optimize existing client relationships through the client lifecycle and strategies to identify and link value creation opportunities to client needs. 

You will also gain insights from our panel of experts from leading solution providers in this space. Each will provide client case studies showing how successful firms are using strategies and technology to engage with their clients. 

Finally, you will receive useful tools and templates to use in your practice. 

Course content

Learn how to develop and implement effective client management strategies, with practical advice from public practice experts. Check out our list of participating experts from solution providers below.

In this 60-minute webinar, facilitator Alan Fitzgerald will lead the panel through a discussion of their perspectives, experiences and advice on the best practices for managing and maximising client relationships.

The panel will answer questions from the live audience, and the key points will be made available to members in PDF form after the event.

Bonus for live attendees: 30-minute breakout session
Look at client management best practice and implementation advice in this live peer-to-peer roundtable session, led by subject experts. Share your existing knowledge, discuss how to overcome challenges, and look at how to enrich your client management systems. Available for live attendees only.

A hands-on masterclass where you will get the tools, strategies and techniques to build value right through the client engagement lifecycle. The topics include:
- Strategies to link client challenges and roadblocks to value-added services
- Proactively driving client engagement through 5 powerful meetings
- Setting up your client management system for efficiency and consistency across the firm
- Driving revenue creation opportunities through re-engagement of your existing clients

Tools and templates will be available after the session in the Resources Hub.

Case studies (pre-recorded)

Examine real-world examples of how four different firms are using tools and technology together to engage in productive, profitable relationships. These videos and accompanying resources will be sent to you directly.

Mark Jenkins
Co-founder and Director of Sales at The Gap. 

Mark has over 20 years in Public Practice, but in 2014 sold his own firm so that he could focus on his true passion - helping accountants to accelerate small business success.

The Gap enables accountants and bookkeepers to fulfil their true purpose; helping clients achieve their business and personal goals. The Gap provide firms with end to end systemised Business Development products that they can leverage across a wide cross section of their clients, along with the training and mindset resources they need to reinvent their role.


Topic: Business Mindset, Member Regional Events, People & Leadership

Sub-Topic: Future of Business, Member Event, Personal Effectiveness, Talent Management

Format: Recorded Webinar

Proficiency Level: All

CPD: Upto 3.5 hours


Markezing is a growth agency that helps accounting firms:
· ATTRACT more leads by providing value to their targeted audience
· ENGAGE with existing leads and clients using different communication channels to nurture the leads, service the clients
· DELIGHT them with your services so they become a fan and refer you to their networks.

We do all this using client journey mapping, automation and integration with all the major tools accountants use in the practice on a daily basis. Our solutions are based on a holistic approach customised to your specific requirements.

Karbon is how you run an accounting firm. It brings all your planning, clients, work, and communication together. In one place, where it belongs. So even if your firm has to work remotely, you're all together online.

Karbon provides a platform to manage workflows, communicate with teams and deliver exceptional client work. By combining email, discussions, tasks and powerful workflows, Karbon aligns your team with a single place to communicate and collaborate, increasing capacity to deliver on time and budget.

Client Sense is a zero-data entry Business Development solution specifically designed for Professional Services firms.

Client Sense works automatically behind the scenes, collecting relevant external communications data to provide you with complete visibility across your Client, Contact and Referral networks. This means there is no data-entry needed from busy professionals, no staff training and no desktop software. Client Sense works to provide CRM benefits either in the absence of a CRM system, or can work to enhance the adoption and utilisation of existing CRM systems through automatic data capture.