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Communication and influencing – two essential skills for career progression

Theodore Roosevelt believed that “the most important single ingredient in the formula of success is knowing how to get along with people”. When your role requires you to interact with people, the chances are that you will encounter a variety of communication styles. Also, as a graduate moving into the professional world, you will spend much of your time attempting to influence a variety of people including your colleagues, management, and clients. Developing your communication and influencing skills will help you to deal with difficult situations and different types of people. 
Some key topics that are explored during this session include:  
  • Understand how to communicate effectively with different personality types and how to adapt your style to get your message across and have a productive conversation 
  • Learn and practice core principles of influencing professionally and establish which approach is best suited for different personality types, establish the impact of interpersonal styles and how people prefer to be influenced 
  • Develop a structured 4 step approach to influencing that improves results and understand the “push” and “pull” theory that impacts the outcome 
  • Recognise the importance of body language and tone when communicating and the impact it has on the message being delivered, and the difference between communicating face to face and remotely 
  • Understand the communication process and how language can distort or enhance the message during a conversation, recognise the difference between listening and active listening, and how active listening can build trust in the conversation  

Use a 5-step approach to help you plan, prepare, and participate during meetings more effectively.

On successful completion of this activity, participants should be able to: 

Webinar One: Communicating with impact 
  • Review the importance of impactful communication for your career progression incorporating personality types, approach, body language, tone, message, and active listening. 
  • Understand how to communicate with different personality types and adapt your style accordingly to ensure your message is understood 
  • Build a communication style that makes a positive impact with both colleagues and clients 
  • Prepare, plan, and participate more effectively in meetings by using a 5-step approach 

Webinar Two: Influencing professionally 
  • Apply the core principles of influencing using the behaviors, methods, and skills needed to influence effectively and professionally 
  • Carry out a Stakeholder Analysis to identify who are the champions and blockers in a meeting 
  • Review the push and pull methods that impact your approach to influencing 
  • Apply the four steps in influencing and understand the benefits of applying these steps effectively 
Sean McLoughney, founder of LearningCurve, is a sought-after talent performance and support specialist, author and speaker. Since 2001 has helped over 20,00 professionals at every level improve their performance. As a successful author Sean has been published internationally. He has written four books and numerous articles. Sean also delivers a range of engaging webinars around the world. He has delivered numerous webinars for CPA Ireland, Chartered Accountants Australia & New Zealand, Engineering New Zealand, UHY International and Chartered Accountants Ireland as well numerous large and medium businesses. 


Topic: People & Leadership

Sub-Topic: Personal Effectiveness

Format: Recorded Webinar

Proficiency Level: Foundation

CPD: Upto 2 hours