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This course looks at the strategic, forward-looking role of the finance function of the future. It explores the skills and actions that will be needed by financial leaders of the future.

How will the role of the finance function change in the next few years, and what do you need to do to prepare? What will it take to be a financial leader in the future? The finance function is constantly changing, and we can all be a part of that.


This course delves into the predicted trends and changes in the finance function. It considers the strategic, forward-looking role played by finance professionals during the pandemic, and the impact of that on the future for accountants. The course will help you to plan for the challenges of the future by focusing on the skills, practices and outlooks that will be necessary to create the finance function of the future.



  • The finance function today
  • The Finance function of tomorrow
  • The finance leader of the future
  • Looking ahead


Upon satisfactory completion of this activity, you will be able to: 

  • Understand the changing role of the finance function during the pandemic and the opportunities that have been created.
  • Develop a more strategic forward-looking approach to your role.
  • Explore the effects of technology on finance function, and its importance moving forward.
  • Discover the skills that financial leaders of the future need and the actions you need to take to stay on top.
  • Develop a plan to create the finance function of the future.


This course offers you some current predictions for the finance function of the future – the skills required by future financial leaders and key actions to prepare for the finance function of tomorrow.

Self-paced Learning

Author – Wayne Bartlett


Specialising in public sector financial management and budgeting, Wayne has worked as a consultant and lecturer throughout the world.



Topic: Corporate Finance

Sub-Topic: Business Planning & Analysis, Finance Management

Format: eLearning

Proficiency Level: Foundation, Intermediate, Advanced

CPD: Upto 4 hours