ISA Learning and Assessment Program

This activity is presented by ICAEW.

This program is suitable for anyone who needs to understand the principles of the clarified ISAs including finance professionals, audit staff, university students and academics, and audit committee members. The flexible online format of the program will allow you to minimise time away from the office and to plan your study and assessment time around other commitments.

This program provides an up-to-date understanding of the clarified ISAs allowing you to expand and update your knowledge of the key principles. It encourages greater familiarity with the clarified ISAs so as to engage with stakeholders inside and outside your organisation.

The program uses real life examples to enhance your understanding of the clarified ISAs. The areas covered are:

  • The regulatory, ethical and professional issues for auditors when accepting and managing engagements.
  • How auditors plan and decide on their approach for audit engagements.
  • How auditors perform their audit procedures in accordance with the clarified ISAs.
  • How auditors evaluate, conclude and report their findings in accordance with the clarified ISAs.

Please note that this program is not sufficient on its own to enable audit practitioners to perform a fully ISA-compliant audit.


The ISA Learning and Assessment Program supports individuals and businesses working with ISAs.

Benefits to individuals:

  • Expand and update your knowledge of the key principles of the clarified ISAs
  • Greater familiarity with the clarified ISAs so as to engage with stakeholders inside and outside your organisation
  • Flexible, interactive online learning to suit all learning needs and fit around existing commitments
  • Online assessment with immediate results and certificate on successful completion
  • Provides up to 50 verifiable CPD hours.

Benefits to businesses:

  • Enhance the level of ISAs understanding across business functions and international locations
  • High quality certificate-level program that provides an international benchmark of excellence
  • Flexible desktop learning that fits around work commitments.

Chapter 1
This chapter gives the regulatory background to International Standards on Auditing and their widespread use. It also summarises changes in ISAs that affect audits for the first time this year.

Chapter 2
This chapter focuses on the objectives of an independent auditor, based on ISA 200.

Chapter 3
This chapter addresses quality control at a firm and engagement level, looking at the new quality management standards ISQM1 and ISQM2 and their interaction with the newly revised ISA 220, effective for the first time for audits of 2023 year endsIt examines the processes for accepting engagements and setting terms, and also looks at communication to those charged with governance.

Chapter 4
This chapter addresses audit planning and how risk assessments feed into this planning. It includes planning for when service organisations are being used.

Chapter 5
This chapter looks at using the work of others including internal auditors and experts engaged by management or by the auditors.

Chapter 6
This chapter addresses audit evidence, how it is gathered and used, and also looks at use of analytical procedures and determining the extent of testing.

Chapter 7
This chapter covers two diverse topics: auditing accounting estimates, and auditing related party disclosures.

Chapter 8
This chapter is focussed on going concern including reviewing management’s assessment of going concern and the effect on the audit report.

Chapter 9
This looks at all aspects of audit completion including concluding on audit evidence, auditing subsequent events, communicating deficiencies in internal control and obtaining appropriate written representations.

Chapter 10
This chapter looks at how an audit opinion is reached and reported. It also addresses the responsibility for comparative and other information.

This topic is available for registration as a self paced online program only. The program consists of 24 modules which you have 1 year to complete from the date you receive your login details.

Please allow up to 72 hours for your login details to arrive.

On average, the program takes 40-50 hours study time, but you may need less time depending on your experience and knowledge of ISAs. After each module you can undertake a module test, which will help you test your level of understanding as well as prepare for the final assessment. The final assessment contains 50 multiple choice questions which you have 100 minutes to complete. Your assessment result will be available immediately.

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Topic: Audit & Assurance

Sub-Topic: Financial Statement Audit

Format: eLearning

Proficiency Level: Intermediate

CPD: Upto 50 hours