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Maximise existing clients - Strategies to grow your firm & provide a better experience

In a growth-focused firm, the attention goes to acquiring new clients, but I suggest you shine a spotlight on current clients. You may be missing opportunities in your existing client base as they may have unmet needs.

Clients that already know, like and trust you may be unaware of all the services and ways you can help them achieve their goals. This opens a great opportunity to further support them and increase firm revenue. The result can be delighted clients, better case studies and increased average client group fees.

In this training, we will cover:

  • How helping clients starts with communication and tying that into additional services
  • Why a CRM is key to tracking meetings and milestones
  • Setting minimum client service standards as a foundation of your relationship
  • How it will differentiate you from other firms and delight clients
  • Why simple but regular marketing activities will educate and nurture clients
  • How to fulfil client needs that are outside your firm’s offerings and skills

  • Learning Outcomes

    On successful completion of this masterclass, participants should be able to:

  • Empower any team member to identify unmet client needs
  • Have better meetings with clients and recommend next steps to additional services
  • Ideas to boost your client-support standards immediately
  • A quick framework to identify "who" is buying "what" from your firm and where the opportunity to help lies
  • Brad Turville

    Brad Turville is a Director of Modern Firm Practices and specialises in speaking, training and coaching accountants. He is a third-generation accountant, having started, built and sold his own practice.

    He is a regular speaker on business development and business improvement, with a focus on running a better business and challenging industry norms.

    "Maximising Existing Clients is almost always the best starting place for most firms I help."


    Topic: Business Mindset, People & Leadership

    Sub-Topic: Business Planning & Analysis, Leadership, Strategy

    Format: Recorded Webinar

    Proficiency Level: All

    CPD: Upto 1.5 hours