My performance – making a positive impact

This four-part webinar series supports your development of the skills and strategies you need that will ensure you make a positive impact in work and move your career forward. It challenges you to review and sharpen your approach to setting business goals, using your time impactfully, and maintaining your drive and motivation.

Having successfully navigated your way through a particularly demanding 2020 you are still expected to deliver an outstanding performance this year. Some of the challenges you face during year will be outside your control. However, there are many challenges that are within your control, such as dealing with constantly changing business goals, moving your career forward and keeping yourself motivated. So, what is your plan?

This practical online workshop of real-world learnings will discuss some strategies that you can implement that will prepare you for the challenges ahead and ensure you make a positive impact in work.

The topics covered by Sean include developing your role, using your time wisely, managing your performance and maintaining your drive.

Underpinning this online series are several practical frameworks including:

  • the time management balance sheet principle
  • 6 essential behaviours that make a difference
  • a personal SWOT analysis to bridge your skills gap
  • framework for setting SMARTER goals.

  • Session Information

    Webinar 1: Making an impact

  • Review your current role and align it to the future needs of your company.
  • Understand your manager’s key priorities
  • Apply the 6 essential behaviours required to make a positive impact in the workplace

  • Webinar 2: Setting SMARTER Goals

  • Understand the business plan and how your role impacts the plan. Set goals the SMARTER Way and bring clarity and motivation to your performance.
  • Align your goals to the business plan.
  • Identify ways to make an impact at your performance review meetings.

  • Webinar 3: Motivation and personal drive

  • Understand your motivational drivers and how you can maintain your personal drive.
  • Build resilience to cope with an everchanging business landscape.
  • Employ the principles of a SWOT analysis to ensure that you have the right skills for current and future roles.
  • Develop a Personal Learning and Development Plan that will support your career progression.

  • Webinar 4: Time Management

  • Build a routine and stay focused during the working day.
  • Apply the Time Management Balance Sheet principle (time capacity) which keeps you ahead of deadlines through better planning and scheduling of important tasks.
  • Conduct a personal time audit to understand how you really spend your time.
  • Set aside ‘me time’ to proactively manage your career path.

  • Benefits

    Making a positive impact in the workplace begins with accepting personal responsibility for your performance. Progress your career by moving away from being busy and become impactful.

    Sean McLoughney, founder of LearningCurve, is a sought-after talent performance and support specialist, author and speaker. Since 2001 has helped over 20,00 professionals at every level improve their performance. As a successful author Sean has been published internationally. He has written four books and numerous articles. Sean also delivers a range of engaging webinars around the world. He has delivered numerous webinars for CPA Ireland, Chartered Accountants Australia & New Zealand, Engineering New Zealand, UHY International and Chartered Accountants Ireland. 


    Topic: Future Focused, People & Leadership

    Sub-Topic: Future of Business, Leadership, Operational Excellence, Strategies for Success, Talent Management

    Format: Recorded Webinar

    Proficiency Level: Foundation, Intermediate

    CPD: Upto 4 hours