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Special Tax & Superannuation Topics 2023-24 - Navigating ATO focus areas: Part 2 - Deductibility of rental property expenses

This paper will explore common areas that lead to error and consequently, ATO compliance focus over the next 12 months, regarding the deductibility of expenses in relation to investment properties.

Learning outcomes

On successful completion of this topic, participants will be able to identify the various issues impacting on the deductibility of outgoings in relation to investment properties, including:

  1. Initial repairs & depreciating assets
  2. Repairs and renovations
  3. Drawdowns for both private and investment purposes
  4. Periods of vacancy
  5. Travel costs


This session forms part of the Special Tax & Superannuation Topics Series. These concise 1.5-hour sessions have been specifically designed for an online platform to ensure training is informative, immersive and even fun. These sessions will:

  • Ensure you get the critical knowledge you need while minimising your time out of the office.
  • Assist you in providing proactive tax and superannuation advice and identifying tax planning opportunities early
  • Help you avoid any possible traps and pitfalls
  • Give you answers to the questions most relevant to you

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Continuing Professional Development Hours

The content covered in this topic constitutes verifiable CPD for CA ANZ, has been assessed for ASIC and FASEA CPD and also meets the Tax Practitioners Board's CPE requirements.


CA ANZUp to 1.5 CPD hours
Tax Practitioners BoardUp to 1.5 CPD hours

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This series is presented by our Senior Tax & Superannuation trainers:

James McPhedran, Senior Tax and Superannuation Trainer, CA ANZ

James has 18 years' experience in the industry, including roles at the Big Four accounting firms and advisory roles at mid-tier firms. He has been a trainer with CA ANZ for over 11 years and has maintained a client resign rate of more than 90% for 11 consecutive years. His advanced knowledge of taxation and superannuation has allowed him to focus on SMEs and high net worth individuals. James holds a bachelor's degree in law and economics from the University of Queensland and a Masters of Taxation from the University of Sydney.

Lydia Kovacevich, Senior Tax and Superannuation Trainer, CA ANZ

Lydia has over 20 years’ experience in the tax and accounting industry working for, at various times, a ‘big four’ accounting firm, a second-tier firm, a global oil and gas service company, a tax training organisation and the Australian Taxation Office. During this time Lydia acquired extensive experience in tax and accounting matters relevant to various types of entities and industries and gained a wealth of experience in writing about tax. Lydia has a strong analytical and technical ability and is very passionate about tax education.


Topic: Tax

Sub-Topic: Income Tax

Format: Recorded Webinar

Proficiency Level: Intermediate, Advanced

CPD: Upto 1.5 hours