VIC 2023 Future of Business Panel Luncheon | AI in the Accounting Profession

Thursday 30 November 2023

The Victorian Corporate Advisory Panel of Chartered Accountants Australia and New Zealand would like to invite you to the 2023 annual panel lunch on Artificial Intelligence and it's relation to supporting business / function / role with an Accounting and Finance lense.

The age of AI is upon us, and with it comes a revolution in the world of accounting. From automating routine tasks to providing deep insights, AI is unlocking unprecedented possibilities for accountants. As algorithms and artificial intelligence become integral to our profession, the need to understand, adapt, and lead has never been more crucial.

Join us for an enlightening luncheon hosted by the Victorian Corporate Advisory Panel of Chartered Accountants Australia and New Zealand (CAANZ). Discover how AI can be a game-changer for your practice, enhancing efficiency, accuracy, and decision-making.

What's on the menu?

  • Predictive Power: Leveraging AI for financial forecasting and analytics
  • Operational Excellence: Streamlining processes with the magic of AI-driven automation
  • Client Relations 2.0: Enhancing interactions and engagements with AI tools
  • Ethical AI: A balanced look at the ethical dimensions of AI in accounting

This is more than just a luncheon; it's an opportunity to be part of the conversation shaping our profession's future. We look forward to welcoming you to an afternoon of insights, discussions, and forward-thinking.

Event Time:

  • 12:00 pm | Registration opens
  • 12:30 pm | Presentation commences, followed by Lunch and Panel Discussion
  • 02:30 pm | Event concludes


Vicky Falconer
Managing Director, PwC

Vicky has spent 25 years in the technology sector, focussed primarily on Data Analytics and AI/ML. She currently leads the Accelerated Solutions Lab at PwC. The Accelerated Solutions Lab help clients bridge the gap between business, technology, and builders. Labs start with our client’s business problems and are designed to rapidly move from ideation to architecture and prototyping. They are designed to test concepts and feasibility early thereby reducing risk and enabling fast delivery of business value.


Adrienne Merlo
Senior Manager, Deloitte Digital

Adrienne is a Senior Manager at Deloitte Digital, with over 8 years of experience in Conversational AI, designing, deploying and optimising dozens of virtual assistants and voiced IVR solutions for public and private enterprises. With almost ten years dedicated to exploring outward-facing AI solutions, Adrienne has become a recognised authority in crafting and enhancing Conversational AI approaches, valuing the need to see various technologies from a customer experience (CX) angle.

Adrienne is passionate about helping others understand the impact of technology on business, and how to navigate the rapidly changing landscape.

Tim O'Neill
Co-Founder, Time Under Tension

Tim co-founded a successful digital agency in 1997, and after 20 years it grew to be one of the largest privately owned digital agencies in Australia and was acquired by Accenture Interactive. After the acquisition Tim worked as a Managing Director at Accenture Interactive for 3 years, and then started an online automotive startup called Summon.

12 months ago Tim started delving deep into generative AI, and recently launched a consulting business named Time Under Tension, who are helping businesses to understand the potential of this new fast changing technology.

Luke Bebbington
CFO Practice Lead, ANZ, Workday

Luke is a Chartered Accountant with 20 years of experience leading and transforming finance teams around the world. Whilst serving as the Finance Director at Man Group in 2014, a global investment manager based in London, Luke was exposed to the power of AI at a research institute co-founded between Man Group and the University of Oxford (‘Man Oxford Institute’). Since then, he has collaborated with finance teams, harnessing technology to maximise their potential.

In 2022, Luke joined Workday as the CFO Practice Lead in Australia and New Zealand. He is focused on building and strengthening relationships with finance leaders to understand their organisational challenges, shaping Workday’s offering, and empowering organisations to cultivate next-generation finance teams.

  • Event Location:
    Crown Melbourne
    Garden Room
    Level 1, Crown Towers
    8 Whiteman Street Southbank
  • Parking & Directions: please see a map outlining parking locations around the complex, here. The multi-deck car park is the recommended for those driving.

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Topic: Business Mindset, Future Focused, Member Regional Events

Sub-Topic: Future of Business, Member Event

Format: Seminar

Proficiency Level: All

CPD: Upto 1.5 hours